XJTLU IMPRINT is a facilitator for supporting XJTLU researchers in the publishing field.

As a leading joint-venture university in China, XJTLU is ideally placed to become world-leading in intellectual exchange between China and the rest of the world. To this end, a central aim of the IMPRINT is to facilitate academic dialogue between China and the Anglophone world. IMPRINT will therefore seek to prioritise work that either speaks to the theme of intercultural exchange, that widens the reach of research in the areas of Humanities, Sciences, Technologies, and Social Sciences by being presented in a bilingual format, or that takes an innovative pedagogical perspective appropriate to a global context.

The IMPRINT supports proposals may include but are not limited to:

  • Original research monographs
  • Edited volumes
  • Book series
  • Journals targeting international audiences
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Textbooks
  • Translations of impactful Chinese academic works into English
  • Translations of impactful English academic works into Chinese
  • Creative works, e.g. screenplays, fiction, poetry, photographic essay

The XJTLU IMPRINT is guided by the Publishing Committee composed of the following members:

Chair Design Paola Pellegrini
Members Research Management Office representative Bingxin Liu
Design Jiawen Han
Yiwen Wang
Jianli Hao
Peta Carlin
HSS Thomas Duggett
Yangyang Long
Marco Pellitteri
SAT Lurui Fang
SoL Trevor Mahy
Science Rong Rong
Mathematics and Physics Yichen Liu
IBSS Mohamed Omran
AoP Xin Liu
AoFE Jin Zhao
Taicang Campus Fawad Ahmed
XIPU Institution representative Xue Bai

Please contact us for more details: editorial@xjtlu.edu.cn