Professor Alvaro Collar

Professor Collar gained his undergraduate degree in Media Studies, his Ph.D. in Film Analysis from the Complutense University of Madrid, and studied Film Production at the Brighton Film School. He is a founding member of the video art collective Haz!, and the experimental film production companies We (UK) and Videorinth (Spain). A multitalented creator, he has worked worldwide in the film industry as a director, screenwriter, and editor, taking part in feature films, series, documentaries, web series, and video art pieces.

He is a passionate educator with an extensive career teaching internationally, specializing in Post Production and Film Narrative. In 2017, while leading the Post Production department at the Shanghai Vancouver Film School, he became the first Wwise Certified Instructor in Asia. During the last year, he also became a Certified Instructor of Resolve.

He has collaborated with art galleries designing experimental film and video art workshops while teaching filmmaking in film schools and universities. For the last year, he was the Dean of the School of Film and Digital Media at the American International University in Kuwait, where he set the foundations for the school, established links with the local industry, secured academic partnerships with international brands, and designed an innovative study plan to promote a culture of creativity that nurtures the next generation of Gulf filmmakers.

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