Professor Jeremy Smith graduated from University of Liverpool and was awarded his PhD Degree in 1990. Since then he has taken teaching positions as a lecturer, senior lecture, reader and professor. In 2006, he became the academic dean at XJTLU. He has a rich experience in teaching management and has been involved for many years in teaching digital electronics, digital electronics system design and programme engineering. He has integrated modern technical development into his own research and started many new academic modules at the University of Liverpool. His academic research interests include the development of vision-based sensors and control systems to be used in advanced robotic systems for automated welding and other manufacturing processes, the development of advanced digital systems based upon SOPC devices and parallel processing systems, and the development of neural network and fuzzy logic techniques to allow the fusion of data from a number of sensors to provide control information. Other areas of research include the development of a networking system based upon the CAN bus, the development of robotic manipulator controllers, and the development of an advanced remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) requiring the integration of vision and manipulator systems along with sophisticated navigation techniques.

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