XJTLU Brand and Trademark Protection Guidelines

XJTLU Brand and Trademark Protection Guidelines

XJTLU Brand and Trademark Protection Guidelines

Intangible Assets of University Brand

1. Since its establishment in 2006, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (“西浦” or “XJTLU”) has been actively applying for the registration of trademarks, copyright, patents and so on in an effort to protect and preserve the integrity of the university’s reputation and brand.

1.1 Registered trademarks include but not limited to: the XJTLU logo, “Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University” in Chinese and English, “XJTLU”, “西浦”, “XIPU”, “西利”, “西浦慧湖”, “XJTLU Learning Mall” in Chinese and English, “XIPOOL”, “XPU”, “Captain Bird” and others. The University possesses exclusive rights for these trademarks pursuant to the PRC Trademarks Law;

1.2 Other registered intellectual property, such as figures of “Captain Bird” and “SAT 小智大能” are protected by intellectual property-related laws and regulations.

2. The aforementioned trademarks, copyrights, and patents are important intangible assets of the university. All faculty, students, and staff members of XJTLU are both beneficiaries and have the obligation to ensure that they are being preserved and used properly;

3. Without the formal written permission of the university, no individual or organisation has the right to produce, manufacture, sell or promote any products for commercial purposes using the aforementioned registered university trademarks, patents, or copyrighted works.

4. Any act that illegally exploits the university’s brand and influence for commercial activities will be met with legal measures to effectively safeguard the image and reputation of our university.


Use of university names and insignias

1. XJTLU has created a series of templates containing university logos and brand identities, for example, templates in PPT or Word documents freely accessible to all students and faculty members for non-commercial uses. Please reach out to the University Marketing and Communications office (UMC, email: umc@xjtlu.edu.cn) for more information; students that need to use such templates for academic purposes, please contact your module tutors.

2. Please refer to the XJTLU Visual Identity Guidelines (Download) on how to properly use university names, logos and other brand identities in situations authorised by the university;

3. In circumstances where you are authorised to use official marketing materials or copyrighted works of the university (e.g. promotional videos, photos), please set out clearly in the materials information of the copyright holder in order to avoid the risk of infringement; if you have any questions on the information of the copyright holder, please reach out to UMC.


Use of university brand names on social media

1. Given that there are many social media accounts containing the university names or insignias, XJTLU hereby declares the official accounts owned and operated by the university:

Sina Weibo: 西交利物浦大学

WeChat: 西交利物浦大学(ID: XJTLU-China)

Tik Tok: 西交利物浦大学(ID: XJTLU)

Bilibili: 西交利物浦大学(UID: 495626287)

Zhihu: 西交利物浦大学

RedBook: 西交利物浦大学(ID: 352962536)


LinkedInXi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University


Instagram: XJTLU (@xjtlu)

Twitter: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (@XJTLU)

2. All official university-level social media accounts are managed and operated by UMC in a unified manner.

3. Department-level and school-level social media accounts are independently managed and operated by the corresponding departments or units within the university.

4. If department-level, school-level, or student organisation social media accounts need to be created, the filing of new media accounts must be conducted through UMC.

5. For the purpose of systematic management and protection of the university brand and trademarks:

5.1 Apart from UMC, other internal departments, organisations, or individuals are NOT allowed to independently create social media accounts in the name of the university to avoid confusion.

5.2 Social media accounts created in the name of student organisations should NOT use the full name of the university or the university logo as part of the account name. It is recommended to use the abbreviation “XJTLU” or “西浦”.

6. Social media accounts unaffiliated with the university or departments, unless expressly authorised, are NOT recommended to use names, nicknames or logos that are identical or similar to the XJTLU trademarks so as to avoid the risk of trademark or brand infringement;

7. The official social media accounts of the university will NOT publish any content for commercial purposes. In case of violations, please report to the university.


Display of various marketing materials on campus

1. Information about event organisers and content providers should be clearly indicated in both online and offline promotional materials.

1.1 To ensure consistency in the university brand and enhance brand awareness, all promotional materials featuring the university logo should complete the process of Visual Identity (VI) Review by UMC before releasing to the public.

1.2 It is NOT recommended to use the university logo in online and offline promotional materials for activities that are not positioned as university-level events.

1.3 Department-level and school-level promotional materials are recommended to use the secondary logo (Identifier) as per the university’s standardised guidelines (Please refer to the sample at the end of this document).

1.4 Student organisation promotional materials are recommended to use the name of the organisation, self-designed logos, or other creative identifiers.

1.5 For department-level, school-level, and student organisation that require the creation of additional icons to identify themselves, it is advised to avoid similarity with the university’s name or logo design. Furthermore, it is NOT recommended to use them together with the university logo in order to avoid confusion from the public.

1.6 Additional icons as mentioned in 1.5 designed by department or school should be reviewed by UMC before put into use.

2. Individuals or student organisations that need to post, place, or publish marketing materials in common areas of the university may submit a request to student advisors ahead of time; actual placement of the materials is subject to the review and approval of the advisor;

3. If the LED screen on campus is needed for promotional purposes, please discuss it with your advisor ahead of time; once approval is received, the advisor can contact UMC to formally apply.


License for commercial use

1. The university strictly restricts commercial activities conducted under the university brand;

2. Without official authorisation from the university, commercial activities and projects independently initiated or conducted by the University’s faculty and students should also avoid using names or graphic symbols that are identical or similar to the university’s registered trademarks in account names, logos, brand names, and promotional materials. This is to prevent trademark or brand misrepresentation and infringement risks.

3. Any unauthorised use of the university name or logo, or deliberate use of homophones in publishing commercial information that has the consequence of misleading and inducing our students, parents, and the general public shall be deemed acts of infringement. As such, the university shall reserve the right to seek legal actions and remedies against such accounts and activities to protect its brand reputation;

4. In cases of malicious and fraudulent use of the university name and logos, or the publication of untrue information that adversely impacts the brand reputation of the university, we welcome everyone to contact the university via the official Weibo and WeChat accounts. The university will take swift measures to stop the infringement, and, if necessary, pursue legal actions.

5. If you need further assistance or consultation, please contact UMC.


Appendix: frequently used XJTLU brand elements (examples)

XJTLU logo

XJTLU identifier

XJTLU official fonts (English)            

XJTLU official fonts (Chinese)

Incorrect logo and shield application