Frequently Asked Questions About XJTLU

Frequently Asked Questions About XJTLU

If you have a question about applying for Undergraduate study at XJTLU, you should check the section below as you may be able to find the information that you require.

If you are not able to find the answer to your question, you may also contact us through:

Admissions team (Admissions issue, verification):

Engagement team (Visa, accommodation, induction):

Before You Apply

XJTLU is located in Suzhou, a city known as “Paradise on Earth” since ancient times. The university benefits from the city’s rich culture and rapid economic development.

Suzhou is one of the most developed cities in China. Suzhou Industrial Park, China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley and a global innovation hub, houses a large cluster of Fortune 500 companies, international enterprises and R&D centres. The location provides favourable conditions for XJTLU’s ongoing development and numerous internship and job opportunities for XJTLU students.

Check Suzhou life here for more information.

  • XJTLU is a world-class learning and teaching environment: we recruit the best students from China and abroad. The university has around 24,000 registered students, including over 1000 international students from 90 countries. XJTLU is committed to creating an internationalised environment where education quality is stringently monitored, and students’ independence is encouraged
  • An English language environment on campus: all degree programmes are taught 100% in English, making it easy to access your China experience while continuing your course of study
  • A world-class campus: XJTLU has a colourful and unique campus culture. State-of-the-art facilities are located across three beautifully landscaped campuses: SIP North and South campuses and XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) campus. Find out more about campus information.
  • Student organisations and clubs: at present, there are approximately 200 that you can join. They cover a wide range of social, sporting and cultural activities. Find out more about activities and events.
  • UK Quality Assurance: All XJTLU programmes are accredited and moderated by the University of Liverpool. With degree programmes across many subject areas, plus the China context, you’re able to make the most of your academic experience abroad
  • Learn Chinese language: besides getting an international degree, you can aim to achieve the internationally recognised certificate, HSK 4, by the time you finish your studies at XJTLU. Check Chinese language courses here.
  • 2+2 study route at the University of Liverpool: XJTLU full-time students* have the opportunity to take the 2+2 study route, which involves completing the first two years of your programme at XJTLU in Suzhou and your final two years at the University of Liverpool in the UK. *Depending on your programme and subject to academic achievement. Find out more about 2+2 study information
  • Semester or Year Abroad: XJTLU students have a wide range of opportunities to travel to and study in other countries to enrich their lives and academic experiences. Find out more study abroad information here.
  • Visiting and exchange students: XJTLU has full and exciting visiting and exchange programmes for students who wish to experience life and study in Suzhou and China. For more information, please check our visiting programmes and exchange programmes
  • UK Degree in China: undergraduate students earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool. Postgraduate students receive a University of Liverpool degree recognised by the Ministry of Education

The university offers approximately 110 degree programmes, including 48 undergraduate programmes, 47 postgraduate degree programmes and 16 PhD programmes in science, engineering, business, finance, architecture, urban planning, language, and culture. Check the webpages of degree programmes.

Our undergraduate students earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.

Postgraduate students receive a University of Liverpool degree recognised by the Ministry of Education.

If accepted at XJTLU, you can choose to study your final two years either at XJTLU (4+0) or at the University of Liverpool (2+2). You make your choice when you reach year two. Note that not all undergraduate degrees have a 2+2 route.

The progression requirements for 4+0 and 2+2 are the same: you must pass all of your modules in Year One & Two to progress onto year three at XJTLU on the 4+0 route or onto the University of Liverpool on the 2+2 route.

For further information about the 2+2 study route, please check

Or contact:

Undergraduate Programme Application: on our online application form, you can enter up to three programme preferences. If you meet the entry requirements of all three choices, we will automatically consider the first choice as your main preference.

XJTLU students study hard but lead full and ambitious lives between classes. Student clubs and societies play an important entrepreneurship, social service, and academia role at XJTLU, with more than 200 organisations centred on art, sports and science, to name but a few.

You’ll also have the chance to travel through China’s vast and beautiful landscape and experience the depth of its ancient culture.

Here, our international students Maya and Hun show you around the North and the South Campuses where students study, eat and relax:

Applying to XJTLU

Information on making your application to XJTLU is available here at How to Apply pages.

Yes, you are allowed to change your programme choice before you pay the deposit. You should notify Undergraduate Admissions at about your new choice. Please note that each applicant has only one chance to change their programme during an admission cycle.

If you want to study a full-time undergraduate degree programme, they all begin in September.

No, we don’t offer part-time undergraduate programmes.

We suggest you send the required documents to us as soon as possible. You will find the admission deadline on our How to Apply page here.

You will automatically qualify for an 8,000RMB Early Bird Discount if you submit an online application and accept the conditional or unconditional offer by 1st May 2023. You will keep this discount for all of your years of undergraduate study ay XJTLU.

Because it is a rule of the Department of Education, every student has to complete verification of their academic, language and identity documents as part of enrolment at XJTLU. Failure to pass this verification will lead to your offer to study at XJTLU being withdrawn.

To complete verification, students must provide original copies of diplomas, transcripts, English language qualifications and passports/mainland travel permits, etc., when registering at the university.

You can find tuition information on our Fees and Scholarship page.

Payment guidance will be attached to your unconditional offer notification.

Entry requirements for our undergraduate programmes can be found on the Undergraduate Entry requirements pages.

You may also find our Country / Region list helpful.

If you want to apply to enter directly into Year 2, you must meet our relevant entry requirements. Details can be found here:

If you want to apply for Year 3 transfer, you must satisfy our core module credit requirement for your chosen programme. Each application is processed on a case-by-case basis. Even if you do meet these requirements, Year 3 transfer is not guaranteed. Please contact to enquire further.

At XJTLU, your personal statement, along with your other supporting documents, is considered very carefully by professional staff in the Admissions Team and relevant Academic Schools. The personal statement is your chance to explain why you are applying for your programme(s), and what makes you suitable for the particular programme(s).

The people reading your personal statement will want to know how you are motivated to take the programme(s) you chose. They will look for students who clearly express their aims and potential for success on the programme(s).

Key points you can include in your personal statement:

  • Why you have chosen the programme(s)
  • What your plans and goals are for after you have graduated from XJTLU
  • Your interests and skills
  • What qualities you will bring to the XJTLU community
  • Anything else you want to tell the Admissions Officers

Your personal statement should be up to one A4 page long.

Note: You can only submit one personal statement no matter how many programmes you choose. We will not usually ask an applicant to submit a second personal statement.

We will receive the results of some qualifications directly from the awarding body. For these exams, we will guide you on how to send verified documents during the conditional offer stage. Please read your conditional offer and emails sent by Undergraduate Admissions carefully.

For other qualifications, you need to provide an official copy of your exam results by email. Please ensure that you provide a clear colour copy of your final documents. An English translation version is required if the original documents are written in other languages. Alternatively, your high school/college/university can send us your academic records via email to from an official school/educational institution email address.

It usually takes 15 working days for us to process your application and respond to you with a decision or for further discussion.

We understand that your personal circumstances may change, and you may need to defer your place. We allow applicants to defer for one academic year. You must have received an unconditional offer within the current admission cycle before notifying us about your wish to defer. Please bear in mind that some of the documents submitted for the current cycle may not be valid for the next academic year. In this case, you will be asked to meet those conditions again. The scholarship (if received) will be cancelled, and your scholarship application will be assessed again in the next admission cycle. The tuition fee will follow the rate published for the academic year you enter, rather than current academic year.

Please notify Undergraduate Admissions at to update your contact information or submit new documents after an application is submitted.

All of the undergraduate programmes available at XJTLU can be found on undergraduate programmes webpages.

We are not able to advise you on programme choices. You should start from searching for programme specific information using the link above.

Please accept or decline the offer within two weeks. (By logging into your Self-Service Centre and clicking the ‘Respond’ button in the upper right corner of the offer.)

If you have been given a conditional offer, please meet the conditions by the deadline stated on your offer letter.

If you have been given an unconditional offer, please read through all the information in your offer carefully and pay your deposit fee following the guidance sent. We will prepare and send you the visa documents and original copy of the offer letter after you have paid the deposit. Usually, it takes one month to prepare and post the documents.

Coming to Suzhou to Begin Your Studies

You need the JW202 form to apply for your X visa by contacting the Student Engagement Team at We will use the information you provided during the admissions process to apply for this for you.

We will send you a survey (by email to your personal and university email addresses) in late July to complete. This survey will ask for your flight details and you can also make your accommodation booking on it. You can see what types of accommodation we offer here:

You must submit your Guardianship Transfer Form to The template can also be provided to you.

Yes. International students are issued with two types of insurance in China: social insurance and commercial insurance.

To use social insurance, you need to pay for social insurance yourself and apply for a Social Insurance Card. It is not compulsory, and you don’t have to pay for it, if you already have another type of insurance for China. The detailed instructions of payment and the Social Insurance Card application will be sent to you in December, when the social insurance registration is completed.

The university will also issue commercial insurance for every student on campus, which offers additional coverage and compensation. You do not need to pay for this.