Chinese Language

Chinese Language


The Chinese Division is committed to creating a high-quality platform for learners to learn Chinese and understand China and building a bridge for cultural exchanges. We deliver 14 stages of Chinese modules that place students in their most suitable level of learning, using tailored materials that closely follow the guidelines set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and benchmarked with HSK Standards. Over 5,000 international students from more than 80 countries have taken Chinese modules at XJTLU. In addition, we work closely with the Department of China Studies by developing and delivering modules on Teaching Chinese as an International Language. We are glad that the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) centre was launched in September 2021. We also deliver HSK preparation courses and organize mock tests to support test candidates.


The Chinese Language Division uses the latest student-centered approaches to learning while prioritising communicative competence using the most up-to-date techniques, technologies, and classroom learning materials. The Chinese language lecturers provide tailored material and teaching methodology to help students develop Chinese language skills and a deeper understanding of China’s unique culture. These modules are supported and enhanced by various educational technologies, such as our in-house virtual learning environment through the Virtual Reality Language Learning Laboratory (VRLLL).

We invite all students to explore the Chinese language and culture with us. We provide students with a wealth of opportunities in Chinese language learning:

  • Credit-bearing modules for undergraduate and exchange students
  • Practical Chinese courses and Chinese Language Summer School for non-degree learners of Chinese.

XJTLU also offers Chinese language courses for staff to facilitate their work and life in Suzhou. Additionally, abundant extracurricular activities and subsidised field trips around China are provided to enhance students’ learning experience.

Credit Bearing Modules

Language modules

Chinese Language 1-14

Intensive Chinese Language1-8
Practical Chinese for Everyday Life 1&2

Business Chinese 1&2

Content modules

  • Classical Chinese 1&2
  • Chinese Writing
  • Chinese as a Global Language
  • Teaching Chinese as an International Language
  • Pedagogical Chinese Grammar

Non-credit courses

  • Practical Chinese Programme Summer School
  • Chinese Continuing Support Staff Chinese


Jihyeon Lee (South Korean): My favorite class is Chinese. Every Chinese teacher is passionate about teaching new
content to students and they motivated me to challenge advanced Chinese. All the class materials are well-prepared
and interactive, hence I have lots of confidence with my Chinese and it helps me to make more Chinese friends and I
can travel China by myself

Lillyan Wallace (American): While being full of laughs, fun, and plenty of newfound friends, the classes provide a positive and safe learning environment for all to learn the Chinese language and culture.

Janis Anerauds (Latvian): As a total beginner and newcomer to the Asian culture and languages, this course gave me really good start in my Chinese language journey. But also it is important to mention teachers, because they not only support you throughout the journey, they also make it super interesting and fun to learn!

Jonathan Sebastian Chandra (Indonesian): Learning Chinese with XJTLU was fun experience for me. I am not only learned the language, but also studied Chinese culture. Learning Chinese language in XJTLU is the best decision I’ve made so far.


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