Suzhou, known for its leisure activities, offers plentiful recreational options. Whether you seek adventures in nature, cultural explorations, or vibrant cityscape views, Suzhou has it all. There is a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, ensuring something for everyone in this dynamic and enjoyable city.

Outdoor activities

Moonbay Picnic Park: The closest spot for picnics and camping to XJTLU’s main campus (15 minutes by bus) is a favourite among students and families.
Tianping Mountain: Ideal for hiking enthusiasts, Tianping Mountain offers scenic trails and breathtaking views. This picturesque spot is 30 minutes away by car.
Lakes of Suzhou: Explore the beauty of Suzhou on two wheels by cycling or walking around its many lakes, such as the modern landscape of Jinji Lake or the natural scenery of Yangcheng Lake.
Amusement parks and museums: Suzhou caters to both thrill-seekers and history buffs, including the Suzhou Amusement Park and various museums, including the renowned Suzhou Museum, the Suzhou Silk Museum and the Kun Opera Museum.
Culture hubs: Immerse yourself in diverse cultures with visits to Huaihai Street, also known as the Japanese street, or the Korean Town near Suzhou Centre. You can also visit the German Village near XJTLU’s Taicang base.
Nightlife: Suzhou’s Ligongdi area has vibrant nightclubs and bars, adding an exciting touch to your late-night adventures.


Suzhou old streets: In the Gusu district of Suzhou, accessible by metro, you can visit various old streets and observe the historical aspects of the city. Three streets famous among tourists are Pingjiang Road, Shantang Street, and Shiquan Street.
Classical Gardens of Suzhou: There are over 60 gardens in Suzhou, some of which are collectively acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden are among the most famous. All the gardens provide a view into Suzhou’s long history and scenic beauty.
Tiger Hill: Explore the historic site for a glimpse into Suzhou’s rich cultural heritage, evident from the poetry and calligraphy carved into rocks on the hill. Take peace in the serenity of its natural and historical beauty.