Chemistry seminar: Electron Microscopy and Its Applications in Structure Characterizations


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM



Time: 15:00

Date: March 28, 2022

Format: Online broadcasting

Venue: (BBB link)

Lecturer: Dr. Shitao Wu

Title: Electron Microscopy and Its Applications in Structure Characterizations


The various functions and applications of materials fundamentally relay on the profound understanding of their structures. Electron microscopy is one of the most powerful methods in material structure characterisation. With the great use of electron beams, scanning electron 
microscopes (SEMs), transmission electron microscopes(TEMs) and their related devices are capable of undertaking various investigations, including morphology, crystal structure, elemental distribution and local defects, etc. With the improvement of science and technology in new era.electron
 microscopy has new development in techniques, such as in situ techniques and 3 dimensional electron diffraction(3D ED). In this talk, some applicable electron microscopic techniques(e.g. SEM, TEM, in situ TEM, 3D ED)would be introduced, and their practical uses in different materials(biominerals, porous materials, layered materials, incommensurate materials, etc.) would also be mentioned as examples.


Dr. Shitao Wu is a postdoctoral fellow in ShanghaiTech University since March 2021,working in Prof. Yanhang Ma's group. He finished his bachelor's degree in Naning Forestry University in 2016 and obtained his PhD degree in Chemistry in the University of St. Andrews under the supervision of Prof. Wuzong Zhou in 2021, funded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). His research work focusses on electron microscopic characterization, including scanning electron microscopy(SEM),3-dimensional electron diffraction(3D ED) and transmission electron microscopy(TEM). His current research interest lies to the 3D ED and in situ 3D ED characterization on various materials, such as porous materials and phase transition materials.

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