【Upcoming Event】 Live Coding Vol.2

【Upcoming Event】 Live Coding Vol.2

On 29th of June 2024, Dr Konstantinos Vasilakos from the School of Cultural Technology organized an event Live Coding Vol.2 with a series of performances focussing on algorithmic practices and interactive systems for improvisation of generative sound-based compositions.

Artists who will perform include Dr Konstantinos Vasilakos, known as Chunk No_Reace, He Li, and Honyu Andy Shing (Joulez) from the School of Cultural Technology and the School of Advanced Technology of XJTLU, respectively. The event is hosted in Daily Vinyl, in Suzhou. Live coding is a computer music paradigm which allows the live alteration and user’s intervention of running algorithms as the performance’s strategy as a means to create dynamic software that creates visuals and sound.


Dr Konstantinos Vasilakos, the assitant professor of the School of Cultural Technology known as Chunk No_Reace.

He Li, Year 3 student from the School of Cultural Technology

Honyu Andy Shing (Joulez), student from the School of Advanced Technology