IBSS postgraduate students form ambassadors team

12 Jan 2016

Eight students from International Business School Suzhou masters programmes have formed the first IBSS student ambassadors team.

They will be involved in various career activities, delivering important information on internships or job opportunities to their fellow students and collecting feedback.

The team was established by the IBSS Career Services Team with an emphasis on developing postgraduate students’ employable skills. One of the priorities of this initiative is to encourage postgraduate students to be more active in career-related activities, which is highly valued by employers.

Besides working closely with the IBSS Career Services Team, this volunteer group will also be the face of IBSS at various events. Some of the ambassadors have already provided assistance at events in the past months, such as at the IBSS executive talk forum on “Internal Audit in a Globalised and Interconnected World”, the China Advertising Association Annual Seminar 2015, the annual IBSS alumni reunion and the Masters Info Day.

The team also met for an information session on the marketing role of IBSS student ambassadors.

Haibei Feng, Alumni Relations Manager and Acting Marketing Manager at IBSS, spoke at the session: “IBSS student ambassadors play an extremely important role within the IBSS community and to the general public. The School appreciates their contribution to the growth of IBSS.

“They will work alongside with a range of professionals at various events and conferences to provide administration and logistic support. We will do our best to create opportunities for them to learn and grow” said Haibei.

The ambassadors also shared their experience at the session.

Economics and finance student Lingxin Dong, who helped at the 2015 IBSS alumni reunion event at Thomson Reuters Shanghai Office and the masters info day at XJTLU, said: “Some parents were looking for programme information for their children but couldn’t communicate with our international academic staff in English. I was able to translate for them and answer their questions. I felt that I was like a bridge between parents and teachers. I was very happy that I could help people.”

Juste Junior, who is studying MSc Management, said: “I was very glad I could meet people from my country at the Masters Info Day event on campus. I could share my experience with them and provide information that they were looking for.”

Joseph Izundu, who studies MSc Business Analytics, added: “I think this is a great experience and networking opportunity. I would like to pursue my career in China and I would like to join these kinds of activates as much as possible.”

The eight ambassadors are:

If you are interested in becoming an IBSS student ambassador, please contact IBSS.Career@xjtlu.edu.cn

12 Jan 2016