The Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University annual Leadership Forum was held on 24 April as part of the University’s 15th-anniversary celebration series. This year, the Senior Management Team and heads of multiple departments and centres were invited to exchange opinions on three topics: the leadership agenda for the next academic year, the development of the University, and educational support.

The forum’s aim was to spur communication within the University related to its development strategy through sharing of best practices, opinions and suggestions from across the University.

The participants included: Executive President Professor Youmi Xi, Vice Presidents Professor Qiuling Chao, Professor Chris Harris and Dr Yimin Ding, centre directors, deans, department heads, heads and representatives of administrative offices.

The Senior Management Team explained and discussed the University’s Leadership Agenda AY21/22 from different perspectives.

Professor Youmin Xi focused on XJTLU’s educational exploration and mission from a high level, while Professor Qiuling Chao, pictured below, explained the structure and philosophy of the Centre for Knowledge and Information and the Centre for Student Affairs, along with their plans as guided by the University’s strategic goals. Professor Chris Harris shared his thoughts on explorations of future teaching methodologies, while Dr Yimin Ding interpreted the University’s strategic goals in the coming year from the aspects of the centres’ roles, focuses and challenges.

Speakers who talked about the development of the University included: Professor Eng Gee Lim (pictured below), Dean of the School of Advanced Technology; Professor Stuart Perrin, Associate Principal of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang); Professor Mu Wang, Executive Dean of XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy; Dr Xiaojun Zhang, Dean of the Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development; and Professor Zhoulin Ruan, Director of the Graduate School. The speakers shared their explorations and experience on five topics: XJTLU 1.0, XJTLU 2.0 exploration, XJTLU 3.0 exploration, education exploration and impact, and XJTLU strategy on postgraduate education. The cases they provided and their practice-based insights deepened the participants' understanding of the University’s development strategies.

Speakers discussing the topic of educational support were: Dr Xin Bi, Director of the Centre for Knowledge and Information; Dr Qijian Xie, Director of the Centre for Student Affairs; Chuanhui Zhu, head of the Registry; Michelle Ma, head of the President’s Office; Sammy Wang, manager of the Internal Audit Office. They shared best practices and their areas’ future development plans related to future educational technologies and platforms, student support, academic support, administrative support and University auditing and control.

The final session was Manage Practice Sharing and Learning, during which the participants discussed and shared in groups their experience and insights on topics related to the University’s Leadership Agenda.

Xin Xu, Curator of the XJTLU Museum, said: “The speeches today greatly deepened my understanding of the University’s Leadership Agenda and strategic goals. Besides the focuses of different departments, I also learned a lot about their best practices and experience, which will help me better grasp the core of our work and adjust our focus, thus helping realise the Universities’ strategic goals.”

The Forum was organised by the Human Resources Office, and co-organised and supported by the President’s Office.

Story provided by Human Resources Office
Translated by Xiangyin Han
Edited by Tamara Kaup

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