On May 28th, the UG Actuarial Science Programme Team, School of Science of XJTLU launched the second workshop in 2021. The theme of the workshop is concerned with the Actuarial Career upon Graduation from XJTLU, mainly for junior and senior Actuarial Science students. In this workshop, we invited two excellent graduates to share their master's experience and Ph.D. successful applications in the Actuarial Pathway as well as their professional and academic experience. Next, Dr. Lin Yang, the Program Director of MSc in Actuarial Science at XJTLU, overviewed the past, present and future of the programme. Finally, tea-break was arranged, allowing students to have a better discussion with professors from the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.

First, we invited Mr. Yushuo Liu, an outstanding 16-grade Actuarial Science graduate, who is now studying MSc statistics at UCL and has successfully got the fully-funded Ph.D. offer from CASS Business School.
Since Yushuo was still in London, he introduced the school curriculum and actuary examination as well as tips to deal with the actuary examination through the online meeting. He also made some suggestions on ACCA and FRM examinations. At the same time, he shared his own idea about the study from his own perspective, analyzing the postgraduate and doctoral degrees of relevant British actuarial majors. Mr. Yushuo Liu encouraged younger students to pursue their dreams bravely after they understand their own professional goals.

Mr. Yimiao Zhao, another outstanding 15 grade Actuarial Science graduate, came to Suzhou from Beijing and shared his study at XJTLU and working experiences in the PICC insurance company.

Yimiao was the first actuarial undergraduate of XJTLU who chose the 2+2 path. In addition, he was an excellent graduate of the MSc Actuarial Management program of CASS Business School and he has successfully applied to the fully-funded Actuarial Science Ph.D. program of the University of Waterloo.

In this workshop, he answered the questions about major and 2+ or 4+ paths choosing in terms of freshmen and sophomore students. From the perspective of Yimiao, he detailed analyzed the different possible career directions for actuarial science students, and encouraged younger students to constantly explore the charm of academic knowledge during their school days and to join in more Actuarial Science related seminars and workshops, so that they may find what they are looking for.

Next, Dr. Lin Yang introduced the overview of actuarial projects as well as the development of the actuarial field in the future. He also gave some precious suggestions to the freshmen and sophomores about course choosing at XJTLU and whether to go abroad when they become sophomores.

The students and invited speakers, together with other staffs from Actuarial Science fields, had deep and extensive discussions during tea-break. These interactive sessions enable students and academic staffs to communicate a variety of professional career in Actuarial Science pathway.

The workshop activity is so informative and helpful, involving more than 60 teachers and students. Not only the professors introduced the latest academic arrangements, but also the graduates shared their own learning and working experience from their own perspective.

The academic staff from Actuarial Science fields hoped that the workshop sharing will enable students to further explore the actuarial prospects, think more about their academic interests and career planning, and find the most suitable development direction.

(Content: Xiaojun Zhu)

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