Dr Qingning Wang: Interest is the best fuel to drive researching

28 Sep 2021

“I need to read newspaper articles from a decade ago and I need to sit in a local archive for two weeks as the youngest people, everyone around me were more than sixty.” Dr Qingning Wang, who joinedDepartment of Media and Communication of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in this July, says.

Focusing on observing online political communication as well as looking at media representation of people, a large portion of Dr Wang’s research is based on data analysis: “though the actual research process is about endless counting of things, driven by my interest, it is still very memorable and most fun experience.”

“I was an internet user myself and at the time I started my PhD study, I’ve observed interesting phenomenon on online communication in both China and the UK.” Dr Wang says; “so I decided to look for the answers.”

“Then I developed my research from political online communication to more widely cultural communication and social media communication to investigate the use of linguistic violence in online communications.”

Studying and living in the UK for many years as a Chinese, shaped by her identity and personal experience, Dr Wang also paying her attention to exploring media and international relations; specifically, the relationship between China and the UK.

“This research also comes from my PhD supervisor who’s an expert in EU and China relations, and media representation of this relationship.”

“My interest has also been developed during the process of assisting my supervisor.” Dr Wang says; “I started to examine how media played in terms of triggering or reinforcing relationship between China and the UK; especially how British newspapers reporting China around different issues and how does the newspaper representation of China prove the relationship between these two countries.”

“For me, interest is the best fuel driving me to do research.”

Working in the academic field for years as well as being influenced by her academic family environment, Dr Wang believes education is of vital importance in shaping people’s view of the world: “it is significant to influence students to think critically and independently at an early stage.”

She is also confident in the international and vibrant teaching and learning environment where not only the rank of the department but also the quality of research is of great high: “the academic staff within the department is not only very professional but also helpful, they share with me their research experience and useful documents. The atmosphere is brilliant I think.”

“The lectures and seminars provided by our department are systematic and coherent. I do firmly believe they can be of great help for students to have a fresh perspective of the world.”

With the students coming back to the campus progressively, Dr Wang eagers to meet them face to face with full passion: “this will be the only time in their life to have someone willing to teach you to do things without any doubts, I hope they can treasure this period to learn and research without any disturbance from other things.”

“Come to us, you’ll have a really good time here.”

By Ying Jiang

28 Sep 2021