The 18th (2023) China Management Annual Conference and the 10th Anniversary Seminar of the Belt and Road Initiative (第十八届中国管理学年会暨一带一路十周年研讨会) was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang from July 28 to July 30, 2023. Dr. Bin Ding from SMO (The Department of Strategic Management and Organisation), IBSS was invited to attend the meeting and presented her latest research in the management field.

Dr. Bin Ding from SMO, IBSS, XJTLU presented her latest research during the 18th (2023) China Management Annual Conference

China Management Annual Conference is one of the largest and highest-level comprehensive academic conferences in the field of management in China, aiming to strengthen cooperation and exchanges among Chinese management scholars, promote the development of management science research in China, and improve the level of management practice in China. Each annual meeting will attract a large number of experts and scholars from the management field at home and abroad, government and business representatives to interact at the conference.

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