Five XJTLU staff members have been ranked in the top 2% of scientists in the world (2023) in a recent study conducted by Stanford University.

The report, published on 4 October, ranks over 6 million researchers from 22 fields based on various basic citation indicators. The measurements include the number of citations the scientist’s research articles have received (including and excluding self-citations) and research output over the past year and their career.

Professors Johannes Knops, Rui Wang and Huiqing Wen made it into the global top 2% in both the career and single-year lists.Professor Jasmine Kah Phooi Seng and Dr Faez Khan joined them in the single-year rankings (2023).

“XJTLU strives to foster an innovative and supportive research culture that will continue to drive world-class research. The University is proud of all our researchers, who are committed to pursuing high-quality academic research,” says Professor Fei Ma, Associate Vice President of Research and Impact of the University.

Source: Ioannidis, John P.A. (2023), “October 2023 data-update for "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators"”, Elsevier Data Repository, V6, doi: 10.17632/btchxktzyw.6

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By Catherine Diamond

Edited by Tamara Kaup

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