XJTLU scholar on global Highly Cited Researchers list

24 Nov 2023

Dr Shuihua Wang from the Department of Biological Sciences at XJTLU has been named on the 2023 list of “Highly Cited Researchers” released by global authority Clarivate.

According to Clarivate Analytics, the list seeks to identify individual researchers in the sciences and social scientists who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their field or fields of research.

Dr Wang has authored multiple papers that rank in the top 1% by citations in their publication year in the “Cross-Field” category, according to the Web of Science, a citation indexing service.

This year’s “Highly Cited Researchers” list includes 6,849 scholars from 1,300 institutions across 67 countries and regions.

 Dr Shuihua Wang in her office. Credit: Luyao Wang

Dr Wang received her PhD from Nanjing University in 2017. She worked as a research assistant and lecturer at several well-known universities and research institutions, accumulating rich experience in scientific research.

As an expert who focuses on the challenge of exploring AI models and algorithms for biomedical data analysis for the benefit of people, Dr Wang says that being recognised on Clarivate’s list is a milestone in her career. It motivates her to maintain a high standard in her research.

“This recognition signifies the notable impact and broad influence of my work across various research communities. It also inspires me to consistently strive for excellence and contribute to my field of research,” she says.

Currently, Dr Wang, Associate Professor in XJTLU’s School of Science, is dedicated to interdisciplinary research in machine learning, deep learning, image processing, information fusion, data analysis, and various medical imaging sensors.

“XJTLU is an international university offering a vibrant and globally oriented work atmosphere. The University’s support, the collaborative nature of my colleagues, and the active student community have created an excellent environment for advancing my research endeavours,” she says.

By Luyao Wang

Edited by Catherine Diamond

24 Nov 2023


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