• The micro-nano manufacturing laboratory has facilities for ion implantation, ICP plasma etching, lithography, plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition, low pressure chemical vapour deposition, electron beam evaporation, atomic layer deposition, and rapid thermal annealing, as well as elliptical polarisation instruments, a thermal oxidation/diffusion furnace, a glove box, wet/dry cleaning facilities and etching systems;
  • The ultra-large-scale integrated circuit technology and Nano friction power generation testing laboratory’s facilities include semiconductor testing systems, a radiation probe station with an online real-time testing system, an automatic chip bonding system, a semiconductor device analyser, and a precision manual probe station;
  • The laboratory for energy functional materials and energy storage devices has facilities such as the double-position and single-position glove box, a muffle furnace, a coating system, an electrochemical workstation, a multi-function battery performance test cabinet, and a solar cell manufacturing and testing system; and
  • The materials analysis laboratory’s facilities include a scanning atomic force microscope, an electrochemical scanning tunnelling microscope, a scanning electron microscope, a dual-light-source X-ray crystal diffractometer, an X-ray powder diffractometer, an IR-visible spectrometer, a Raman spectrometer, and a nuclear magnetic resonance instrument.
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