The Suzhou Municipal Key Laboratory for New Energy Techniques focuses on the research and development of energy storage, nanomaterials, power electronic devices, renewable energy, smart grids and other needs in the field of new energy, electronic science and technology, and advanced materials.

This laboratory cluster has integrated material preparation and analysis facilities, and nano-micro fabrication technologies. The technologies researched at the Lab have many applications, including power electronics, renewable energy conversion and control technology, solar cells and nanofriction power generation systems, energy storage devices and wireless charging technology, smart grids, and smart robot chip design.

The Laboratory is based on the team’s unique expertise, which has resulted in proven capabilities from basic research, to advanced development into industrial applications.


  • lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors
  • molecular electronics
  • third-generation semiconductor artificial synaptic devices, artificial neural components, artificial neural hardware networks
  • integration and application of post-Moore’s Law neuromorphic devices
  • novel logical storage architecture based on 2D layered semiconductors
  • sensors and chips for omnidirectional intelligent sensing
  • perovskite solar cells and triboelectric nanogenerators
  • novel gallium nitride power electronic devices and systems
  • cyber-physical security and defence for power systems based on Internet of Things
  • application of AI in smart grids
  • multiphase motor drives
  • integration and control of renewable energy
  • active distribution networks
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