Examples of ongoing research projects

Examples of ongoing research projects
Year awarded Project name Principal investigator Funding body
2022 Green retrofitting: build the commercial case in China and deepen China’s understanding of UK commercial expertise Yunqing Xu China Energy and Low Carbon Economy Programme of UK Prosperity Fund, UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
2021 Urban Agriculture Investigation in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Yunqing Xu the Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park
2021 Research on Future Suzhou: Urban Planning and Operation of Suzhou from An International Perspective Yunqing Xu the Suzhou Development and Reform Commission
2020 Entrepreneurial ecosystems and the growth of new ventures: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta region Qiantao Zhang Jiangsu Province Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program
2020 Suzhou Industrial Park “14th Five Year Plan” Open-door Planning Compilation Yunqing Xu the Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park
2020 Research on Strategies of Promoting the Experience of Industrial Park and Developing ‘Enclave Economy’ in Suzhou from the Perspective of ‘Knowledge Transfer’, Yunqing Xu Suzhou Social Science Fund
2020 Studies on Water Ecological Civilization in Wujiang District Yunqing Xu the Wujiang District Water Bureau
2020 Suzhou City “14th Five Year Plan” Suggestion Article, , RMB 73,000, 2020 Yunqing Xu the Suzhou Development and Reform Commission
2019 Elderly-friendly Environment Construction during Rapid Urbanization-Longitudinal Empirical Study of Determinant Factors of Built-environment on Health Ying Chang NSFC Young Scientist
2019 Instagrammability of Suzhou as Oversea Destination: Data-mining User Generated Contents on International Social Media Yiwen Wang KSF
2019 The effects of micro landscape revitalization in the Yangtze Delta Ecological Green Integrated Development – the examination of the ecological and health restorative benefits of community garden Ying Chang KSF
2019 Assessing disaster resilience from multiple perspectives and identifying its key indicators: a case study of Suzhou Jinglu Song RDF
2019 Assessing capital-based and capacity-based disaster resilience and validating its contextual-specific and scale-specific key indicators: a case study of typhoon disasters in Suzhou Jinglu Song NSFC
2019 Calculated Entrepreneurial State or Reckless Growth Machine? The Chinese New Industry City Movement Rui Wang RDF
2019 From Climate Change Mitigation to Adaptation: The Fever of Sponge City Construction in China and Its Implications to Local Environmental Governance Shih-yang Kao RDF
2019 Financing clean air : Financing tomorrow’s clean urban air: the potential of land value capture to secure sustainable urban development supporting air quality enhancement Joon Sik Kim JPI UE – NSFC
2018 Elderly-friendly Environment Making during Rapid Urbanization-Longitudinal Empirical Study of the Impact of Built-environment on Health Ying Chang NSFC
2018 One road – one line public transport – investigating how to implement transformation of Suzhou’s public transportation system Sophie Sturup KSF
2019 Sustaining Growth of Urban Commercial Centres in Suzhou: Empowering Vitality through Big Data Joon Sik Kim KSF
2018 A Comparitive Study on Discretionary Planning for Liveable Cities in Canada and China Yunqing Xu REF
2018 Densify high-density China. Scenarios by design for SIP, middle-class new town Paola Pellegrini RDF
2018 Harmony, moderation and PPPs in the Chinese context: lessons for harnessing PPPs for a global audience Sophie Sturup RDF
2017 The Reuse of Decommissioned Prisons in the Heritage Industry: Comparative Research in China and UK Yiwen Wang RDF
2017 How would the Emerging Station-less Bike Sharing Programs Impact on Urban Resident’s Travel Behaviors in Chinese Cities Lin Lin RDF
2017 A Design Research on Adaptive Architecture that can facilitate the Construction of Beautiful Villages in China. Bing Chen RDF
2017 The effect of public private partnership on networking public transport in China Sophie Sturup REF
2016 Exploring Dynamics of the Relationship between School Quality and Housing Prices in Suzhou and Shanghai Hyung-Chul Chung RDF
2016 Smart City Challenges: towards a holistic approach to the development of smart cities in China Joon Sik Kim RDF
2015 Integrating Spatial Planning and Water Management in Urbanised Deltas. A comparison of Instruments in the Yangtze (CN) and Scheldt-Meuse-Rhine (EU) River Delta regions Christian Nolf NSFC (International Young Scientists Fund)
2015 Exploring the spatial implications of integrated water management in the Suzhou Metropolitan area Christian Nolf Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015 Planning age-friendly communities: an evaluation framework and case studies of Suzhou, China Yu Liu RDF 2015 Round 1
2015 Urban Regeneration in the Suzhou Industrial Park: The Cases of Xietang Old Street and Xingtang Street Eastern Block Sheng Zhong RDF 2015 Round 1
2015 The impact of inter-city high-speed rail network on spatial-economic development in Yangtze River Delta Area: A case study of Suzhou region Chia-Lin Chen RDF 2015 Round 1
2014 Understanding how Partnership works in Public Private Partnerships Sophie Sturup RDF 2014 Round 3
2013 Research on the New Education Models that aims to improve University students’ Overall Competency in the context of Chinese Ecological Civilization Development Bing Chen Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2013 Reforms on the Property-led Urban Development for Sustainable Urbanisation in China – A Case Study of Suzhou Yunqing Xu RDF 2013 Round 3
2011 The Integrated Design Strategies for Sustainable Evidence-based Healthcare Design Bing Chen RDF 2011 Round 1
PGRS 2012 Round 3