The following list shows parts of publications from Accounting faculty in international journals over the past two years (2021-2023):

Year Project Title Authors Journal
2023 The impact of share-pledging purposes on firm performance and innovation Jia X., & Jiang E.J., & Wang R. Corporate Governance: An International Review
2023 Climate Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment: Evidence From the U.S. Tourism and Hospitality Sector Gao, J. & Zhang, L. Journal of Travel Research
2023 Impacts of social networks in an agent-based artificial stock market Dai, X., Zhang, J., & Chang, V. Enterprise Information Systems
2023 Hallyu tourism: The effects of broadcast and music Lee, C.G., & How, S.-M. Tourism Economics
2022 The impacts of domestic and global economic policy uncertainties on the hotel room demand: Evidence from Singapore Lee, C.G. & How, S.-M. Tourism Economics
2022 Hallyu tourism: Impacts on inbound tourists to South Korea Lee, C.G. & How, S.-M. Current Issues in Tourism
2021 The impact of international diversification on credit scores: Evidence from the UK Halabi, H., Alshehabi, A., Wood, G., Khan, Z., & Afrifa, G. International Business Review
2021 Customer satisfaction and financial performance-linear or non-linear relationship: a case study of Marriot International How, S.-M., & Lee, C.G.  Current Issues in Tourism


The following list shows parts of external research funding from Accounting faculty over the past three years (2020-2023):

Calendar Year Project Title Project Title Amount Funding Source
2022-2025 Dynamic Price Limit Research – based on informed trading, Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Foundation Jie Zhang RMB 80,000 Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2020 Efficient credit risk management of Chinese high-tech SMEs: using the deep learning methods Xiangyun Lu
Peng Cheng
Li Xie
RMB140,000, Key Programme Special Fund
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