Our undergraduate programmes are designed to give students a solid theoretical foundation, emphasising the application of theoretical concepts in practice. All degree programmes have been developed on the basis of electrical and electronics-related programmes at the University of Liverpool and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Both universities have a wealth of experience in developing and maintaining these degree programmes, which have been proven to serve the needs of industry as well as modern, research-based development.

We offer students a distinguished education in the following ways:

  • Student learning is well-supported by excellent computing facilities and an online portal that includes downloadable lecture notes, course notes, laboratory scripts
  • Design-and-build projects in Years Three and Four give students hands-on experience in practical application and problem solving. We actively encourage final-year projects linked to industry and research
  • Each student is assigned to a personal tutor who can offer help and advice
  • Most academic staff work closely with industry partners. This ensures students are given the most up-to-date and practical education
  • Scholarships and prizes based on academic performance are available.

During the first three years’ study, students work on experiments and group project work, while in their final year, they undertake a major individual final year project. Throughout this, starting from Year Two, students spend approximately one day per week in the laboratory where they undertake experiments to support their lecture modules and project work. These projects also prepare them for typical tasks they will face in industry.

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