Short-term Exchange Programme

Short-term Exchange Programme


It is often said that China is the future. Yet, today China is already globally important in any imaginable way – be it business and economy, politics, culture, or science and technology, to name just a few key areas. Understanding China is therefore not only about understanding opportunities brought about by the stellar growth, development and internationalization of China but is also a prerequisite for understanding the world we live in. What makes China tick? What are the social, historical and political traditions and practices that shape China’s past and present, and increasingly so, world’s future?

Spending a semester or a year on exchange programme at XJTLU, hosted by  the  Department of China Studies offers a great opportunity to not only learn about China but also  enhance your academic credentials and develop transferable, professional skills.

We accept students on exchange for one or two semesters ( full academic year). Students  typically take four modules for each semester they spend on exchange at XJTLU, of which at least two are China-specific modules. Other modules can be selected from the offer of the Department of China Studies or any other department at XJTLU with their permission, giving you an opportunity to further develop specialist knowledge and skills of your choosing.

Chinese language modules are available (optional) to all exchange students. You can take modules suited to your level of Chinese language ability, ranging from complete beginner to advanced learner. If you take eight modules over the academic year you will receive a Diploma in China Studies, awarded at the successful completion of the study year.

All modules are taught in English.

Undergraduate Students

Students from other universities in any discipline, but particularly in the humanities and social sciences as well as in China Studies, are welcome to study for a semester or year.

Current undergraduate students on the programme can credit their XJTLU China Studies study back to their home university degree programme (with the permission of their home university) though those who enroll for a year of study at XJTLU will also be eligible to receive the XJTLU Diploma of China Studies.

Course Details

  • Start date: 04 September 2023
  • Attendance: Full time
  • Duration: One semester or one year (two semesters)


The Diploma in China Studies offers keys to understanding the developments in China’s society, economy, and politics and to the rich historical and cultural traditions that shape them. This unique programme offers flexibility to students to select the focus and content of the studies out of the wide range of available modules and provides specialist knowledge which can be applied in various academic and professional contexts. As such, the Diploma in China Studies will benefit both your academic and your professional prospects.

Dragan Pavlićević

Programme Director

My time at XJTLU really opened my eyes to the wide range of possibilities in the field of China/East Asia Studies! The academic rigour, coupled with the practical on-the-ground experience of living in China and studying Chinese, helped propel me to find work in my field before pursuing my current research interests at Harvard.

Joshua Fernandez

Exchange Student

About Suzhou

Suzhou is the historic heartland of the Lower Yangtze Delta, which is located 25 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed railway. Established in 514 BCE, it is famous for its gardens, its canal system, its silk industry, and its bridges. The old city of Suzhou, surrounded by a moat, is now a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site. Suzhou Industrial Park is located to the east of the old city and is a prime example of Chinese modernity. It is an important trading hub and an investment destination in China with an international profile. XJTLU is located in a higher education district along with numerous other Chinese and international universities’ branches and centers.


Exchange students can take any modules offered by the Department of China Studies, as well as additional courses from across the University to fit their interests and preferences and combine with their study plan at the home university.

Semester 1

  • Chinese Civilisation: Thinkers and Ideas
  • China’s History: 1027 BCE-1927 AD
  • Twentieth Century China
  • China: Society and Development
  • International China
  • China: Social Stratification and Change
  • Classical Chinese 2
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Chinese Theatre and Performance
  • West China
  • China: International Trade

Semester 2

  • Classical Chinese 1
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese
  • China: Government and Politics
  • Introduction to Chinese Literature
  • Doing Business in China
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • China and East Asia
  • China: Family and Society
  • China: Regional Development
  • China and the Digital Revolution
  • Social Policy in China
  • China: Understanding Gender
  • China: The Public Sector

How to apply

Application deadline: 1 May 2023.

If your home university is an XJTLU partnership, please see the exchange students’ information.


All other students should apply via the online application system.


General enquiries can be sent to Ms. Liyao Qian at