蜀海供应链 CIO副总经理

VP&CIO, Shuhai Supply Chain Solutions

Mr Liu has more than 20 years’ experience in business strategic planning, business development, managing customer service, product development, sales and marketing. Currently, his focus is on the Digital Economy Business and the Innovation of Enterprise in the fields of the high-tech industry, the consumer area, with the engaging on the Industrial Internet and IOT industry.

His key research contribution has been a systematic analysis in harmony with the business operation and the digital technology, also engagement with the enterprise organization change management.  Mr Liu aims to develop the customer business value, to reduce the TCO and to improve the customer satisfaction.


上海企源新联科技 总裁


Dr. Wang is the Vice-chairman of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and takes the role of Director of Industrial Internet Research Center in Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua, Zhejiang.

She Has helped lots of industrial leaders, industrial clusters, and local governments to realize the digital transformation and development of characteristic industries, and designed, built and operated the industrial Internet platform with billions of digital economic revenues.


“Industrial Internet — Digital Transformation and Upgrading of The Whole Industrial Chain”, Tsinghua University Press

“Process Management” (No.5 edition), Peking University Press


智领荟(VHR) 会长


Mr Qian is the Co-founder & CEO of VHR who served as Chief Representative, General Manager of Human Resources and Administration, Director and other senior executives in many multinational companies and listed companies such as Nippon Paint China and China Merchants Group(in Hongkong)

He has rich experience in strategic planning, business restructuring, corporate management, organizational development, human resources management and corporate culture construction.


《成长飞轮-如何在专业化的世界中胜出》Growth Flywheel – How to win in the professional world, China Machine Press, 2022

《赢在HR》Win in HR editor in chief, Tsinghua University Press, 2015

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