The School of Intelligent Finance and Business focuses on industry-oriented research in line with the efforts of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Currently, the School’s research priorities include:

  • Digital marketing and intelligent business (for example, how developments in location-based technology, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence affect marketing efforts)
  • Social media marketing (such as word of mouth) and content management and their interactions with a firm’s financial performance
  • Enhancing business-to-business marketing performance with support of intelligent technology
  • The industrial internet’s supply chain, with the support from our partner AMT
  • Sustainable supply chain/business, considering the symbiosis with the community
  • Industry 4.0’s supply chain, catching up with trends and societal needs
  • Investigation of growth opportunities in corporate social responsibilities (carbon, recycling, energy-efficient initiatives)
  • Investigation of how business transformations related to environmental, social, and governance matters impact Industry 4.0; Investigation on how a financial institution’s portfolio impacts the climate and the shift to green finance
  • Applying machine learning techniques in understanding the performance of the capital market
  • Venture valuation and financial risk assessment with the support of intelligent technology

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