PhD Programme

PhD Programme


The School of Intelligent Finance and Business (IFB) is founded on the philosophy of Syntegrative Education (SE). The University aims to reshape the future of business education by proposing SE as the response to the challenges brought by AI in the innovation-driven era. IFB is committed to combining academically rigorous education with business practice, to educate and cultivate the next generation of top international industry talents.

The PhD in Business programme at the IFB creates an innovative education mechanism with the integration of industry, education and research. The PhD features strong engagement with the industry, which can be reflected through research idea generation, data collection, and impact creation.


Why should I do my PhD in Business at IFB?

You will receive supervision from a team of experts with world-class academic publications in leading academic journals;

Our PhD programme equips you with a range of professional skills to maximise your future employability;

Our supervisors will guide you through one of the most intellectually satisfying experiences of your life;

During the programme, there will be opportunities to work as a teaching assistant and develop fundamental academic and professional skills; and

As a registered full-time PhD student, you have the opportunity to apply for a research visit to the University of Liverpool for up to six months. Your accommodation and travel costs will be covered by XJTLU and the University of Liverpool.


Research areas in School of Intelligent Finance and Business:

Intelligent Business and Marketing

Digital marketing and intelligent business (for example, how developments in location-based technology, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence affect marketing efforts)

Social media marketing (such as word of mouth) and content management and their interactions with a firm’s financial performance

Enhancing business-to-business marketing performance with support of intelligent technology

Supply chain management

The Industrial Internet, with the support from our partner Shanghai Qiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (AMT)

Sustainable supply chain/business, considering the symbiosis with the community

Application of intelligent technology in industry 4.0’s supply chain

Smart supply chains and intelligent logistics


Investigation of growth opportunities in corporate social responsibilities (carbon emission, recycling, energy-efficient initiatives)

Investigation of how business transformations related to environmental, social, and governance matters impact Industry 4.0

Intelligent Finance

Financial institution’s portfolio and the climate risk, and the shift to green finance

Application of machine learning techniques in capital markets

Venture valuation and financial risk assessment with the support of intelligent technology


Potential supervisors

Find out potential supervisors from School of Intelligent Finance and Business



There are two types of scholarship available for candidates applying for a full-time doctoral programme.

1) Apply for a scholarship for a funded PhD project:

You can apply for a pre-defined PhD project which has received funds from the University or external funding bodies. The research topic and supervisory team for these projects have already been established.

There is no specific application deadline for each project as they will remain open for applications until the position is filled. The start date of a PhD programme is usually the first day of March, June, September, or December. You can visit the Postgraduate Research Scholarships Page for information about the specific PhD projects available or contact potential supervisors to discuss funding opportunities.

2) Apply for a postgraduate research scholarship with your own project:

You can also apply for scholarship with your own project. There will be two application rounds for each academic year:

Application Rounds

Application deadline

Release of results

First Round 17:00 CST(UTC+8), 15 October End of December
Second Round 17:00 CST(UTC+8), 15 April Early July