Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Recruitment for Research Assistant

David Liu, the Senior Associate Professor from Department of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, School of Mathematics and Physics, is recruiting a research assistant (Masters and PhD students) for his School Research Grant project.

Detailed information on the research project and the qualification requirements for a candidate can be found as follows.

School Research Grant: DEM-CFD modelling of flows and breakages of small agglomerates in fluid.

Powders in the form of particles that are themselves agglomerations of much smaller sized primary particles are commonly encountered in a variety of process engineering unit operations. Consequently, a common problem is the attrition/breakages of agglomerates as they collide with each other and the process equipment.

In current literature, the coupled discrete element method (DEM) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach has been widely used to model fluid-solid particle flow problems often without considering the presence of agglomerates of particles. We would like to conduct in-depth collisions and breakages of agglomerates of particles in the modelling fluid-solid particle flow problems in this research project. An in-house software has been developed for such a purpose.

Funding is available to support a part-time research assistant (RA) from 1 Sept 2023 to 30 Aug 2024 (up to 9,000 RMB). The candidate should have at least a strong background in related discipline such as mechanics, applied mathematics, physics and engineering, and have a good experience in designing computer programs (preferably
using Fortran language) either in Computational Fluid Dynamics or Discrete Element Method or similar techniques. The work will address computational modelling aspects of the project, which include numerical simulations and result analysis. Strong skills in writing scientific reports are essential. Initial training will be given if a candidate has the right background. The project is suitable for a person with keen interest in computational work and modelling techniques.

Enquiries about the research project should be addressed to A/Professor David Liu ( Both internal and external candidates are all welcome.