Established in September 2020, the School of Science at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) embodies a vibrant commitment to the advancement of knowledge, research excellence, and transformative education within the realm of scientific inquiry, exploration and innovation. Our School is composed a tight-knit professional family of international scholars and serves as a beacon for interdisciplinary collaboration and high-quality research outputs.

Embracing our global identity, the School of Science proudly champions international exchange, cooperation and partnership. We welcome and encourage scholars and students from around the world to join our growing academic community, infusing our School environment with a rich diversity of perspectives, ideas and experiences. Our commitment to intercultural dialogue not only enhances our own learning community but also contributes to the global discourse on science and its transformative power to reshape our world.

The School of Science brings together three departments and covers three major scientific disciplines: biology, chemistry, environmental sciences. Our expertise across the school informs research-led teaching with strong collaboration across disciplines, unlocking new and exciting fields of study.

Our mission

At the School of Science, our mission is to pioneer and lead transformative change in science education, interdisciplinary research and technological advancement. We do this by:

  • Educating, training and nurturing the next generation of accomplished scholars and scientists
  • Pushing the boundaries of scholarly research, utilizing cutting-edge methodologies to make groundbreaking discoveries that reshape our understanding of the natural and physical world
  • Integrating rigorous scientific inquiry with practical application to help solve real-life problems,
  • Providing dedicated outreach and engagement activities to help build and foster an international community of partners
  • Fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation that contributes meaningfully to the global scientific landscape

Our vision

At the School of Science, our collective vision is one of an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic growth. We do this by:

  • Engaging in academic pursuits that illuminate the pathways of science education, scientific investigation and technological progress
  • Inspiring and supporting learners, researchers, and practitioners in their journey to knowledge acquisition, scientific discovery, and personal/professional fulfillment
  • Cultivating a scholarly community that thrives on intellectual curiosity, collegial collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Aspiring to shape a future, where science not only informs but also transforms and benefits societies on a global scale