International, Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan students accommodation

International, Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan students accommodation

If you have been admitted onto year one of an undergraduate programme on XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang), you will study at XJTLU SIP Suzhou campus for the first year then move to Taicang campus for the remaining three years. Therefore, year one Taicang students should read the Suzhou SIP Campus accommodation information below and book it accordingly.

Accommodation in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) campus

Dushu Lake Science and Higher Education Innovation District provides all students with accommodation. For international, Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan students who are studying in SIP campus. The available option for international, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao students is the Parfait International Apartments. Currently, the accommodation facilities are managed privately by the Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development and Investment Limited Company. They are not owned or managed directly by the university, but we communicate with them on your behalf. If you want to live in the Parfait International Apartments, we will assist in booking your room once you have paid your deposit to secure your place at XJTLU.

Location: No.8 Xuetang Street, Dushu Lake higher education town, SIP Suzhou.

Telephone: +86 (0)512 65930558 / +86 18020285607

Students have a single bedroom in a shared apartment. The bedroom contains a private bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. The bed unit incorporates a wardrobe and study table and has a short ladder up to the bed itself. Each bedroom also has a small, enclosed balcony. The shared area of the apartment includes a fully working kitchen, a fridge, sofas, and armchairs. Each apartment building has laundry facilities.

The Parfait International Apartments are located next to Wencui Plaza, which is a local shopping area with supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, mobile phone outlets, and so on. The apartments are a 10 to 15-minute walk from both the south and north campuses of the university.

Price, correct at time of publication: 55RMB per day. Contracts are either one semester or one full academic year in length. If you sign a one-semester contract, accommodation for the second semester cannot be guaranteed.

You must pay for utilities separately, namely electricity, and water. You also need to arrange for an internet connection with your own contract, but this is easily and quickly done from one of any number of local suppliers.

The accommodation providers are a separate company and are not the university. We can help you book accommodation, but we do not manage it. They offer two types of contracts. The first is for your first semester and the second is for the full academic year. If you only sign for the first semester, we cannot guarantee you will be able to renew your contract for the second. The pay a one-month deposit. If you leave the accommodation before the contract ends, you may lose all or a part of your deposit.

You can also arrange to rent a private apartment near the university, either alone or with friends. The easiest way to do this is to employ a local accommodation agent, and there are many of these. The standard agent fee for finding you an apartment is 2 weeks’ rent per year, but this usually includes managing your rental agreement, helping with paying bills and setting up services such as television and internet, and helping with any problems that might arise.

If you wish to book a room in the Parfait International Apartments, you need to complete a survey, and the link is:

Please note depending on the length of the tenancy contract, summer school students pay different rates and deposits. Please refer to the arrangements for summer school arrivals for detailed information.

For check-in, students need:

  • Original passport
  • Refundable deposit in cash (4,000RMB)
  • Utility fees (water/electricity) in cash (approximately 500RMB)
  • Three months’ rent to be paid with a bankcard or in cash (strongly recommended as your bank card may not work in China) – this depends on the contract length you intend to sign (see above)

The checking-in process involves signing a rental contract (in English).

Please note that your deposit may not be refunded to you if you terminate the tenancy contract early. Please refer to the contract for details when you sign at the reception. This is why it is very important to decide on a contract length that is right for you.

Before signing any contract, students are strongly recommended to:

  • Read the contract carefully
  • Check whether all items listed on the contract inventory have been provided in the accommodation
  • Check the condition of the provided items and compare to their description in the inventory
  • Request the property management officer make a note on the inventory if something in the accommodation is missing, broken or not as described

Please note that:

  • Residents are required to pay rent every three months. Long delays or failure to pay the rent may lead to termination of the tenancy
  • The deposit receipt must be returned to reception when checking out for it to be refunded
  • Utility fee receipts should be kept as you need them to check with reception if you ever need to question the usage of electricity or water
  • Confirm with your bank whether your bank card can be used on the Chinese mainland to pay for your accommodation or any other bills

Accommodation in XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang)

Location: XJTLU Entrepreneur Apartment, No.115 Taicang Avenue, Taicang, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Telephone: +86 (0) 512 53995190

Accommodation at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) is offered in one area next to the campus and is a 5 to 10-minute walk from the classrooms. There are two types of rooms: twin room (with two beds) and single room. The rooms have bed(s), wardrobes, a bathroom, a small balcony, and a study desk.

The accommodation in Taicang is in a small square with a basement mall of several shops, including mobile phone outlets, coffee shops, supermarkets, a McDonald’s, and restaurants. It is a few minutes by taxi from the metro into central Shanghai and there is a free shuttle bus service between Taicang and Suzhou SIP campuses, several times per day.

You need to pay your accommodation fee in one payment before your arrival, via bank transfer to our university account. We then transfer your payment to the accommodation provider. Upon check-in, you need to pay a deposit of 300RMB as well as the first utility bill of 300RMB to the accommodation reception in cash.

Cooking is not allowed in Taicang campus student accommodation. It is prohibited to bring in and use electrical appliances such as electric stoves, heaters, electric boards, immersion heater, electric blankets, electric frying pans, electric rice cookers, kettles, induction cookers. There are water dispenser machines provided, and every room is equipped with air conditioner.


Twin room:

–      6000 RMB/bed/academic year
–      650 RMB/bed/month, for the first and the last month of stay, fee is respectively calculated as follows:
the duration of stay ≥ 15 days, the accommodation provider charges a full month fee
the duration of stay < 15 days, the accommodation provider charges a half month fee
–      25 RMB/bed/day

Single room:

–      14000 RMB/room/academic year
–      1500 RMB/room/month, for the first and the last month of stay, fee is respectively calculated as follows:
the duration of stay ≥ 15 days, the accommodation provider charges a full month fee
the duration of stay < 15 days, the accommodation provider charges a half month fee
–      60 RMB/room/day

Accommodation booking for XJTLU Entrepreneur Apartment

Student accommodation is provided by a state-owned company administered by the Taicang City government.
If you wish to book a bed or a room at XJTLU Entrepreneur Apartment in Taicang, please email With your check-in date.
All accommodation booking depends upon availability, and it is first come first served.

Accommodation check-in

For check-in, you need:

  • Original passport
  • Refundable deposit in cash: 300CNY
  • First utilities bill in cash: 300CNY

The checking-in process involves signing a bilingual agreement (in English and Chinese).

Please note that:

  • Remember to carefully read the Regulations on Accommodation Management of XJTLU Entrepreneur Apartment, which you can find on the wall in the lobby when you enter the accommodation building
  • The rest of your accommodation fee and the 300RMB deposit will not be refunded to you if you decide to move out of the apartment early or are forced to check out due to violating the Regulations
  • You need to read the accommodation agreement carefully upon check-in
  • Remember to check the room status and condition when you enter the room, report to the reception if you spot any broken items within 3 days of check-in, and request the accommodation staff to make a note for the following repair
  • Future utility fee top-up can be done digitally using the accommodation provider’s WeChat platform or you can visit the reception and pay with cash
  • Confirm with your bank before departure whether your international credit card can be used in China, and bring enough cash with you no matter which campus you will be studying on
  • Utility usage details can be found in the accommodation provider’s WeChat platform, including top-ups and consumption of electricity and water
  • The university cannot offer accommodation-related support to students who decide not to live at XJTLU Entrepreneur Apartment and who decide to live in a private apartment

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