The accommodation facilities our students stay in are managed privately by the Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development and Investment Limited Company.

You will receive assistance in booking your accommodation once our Finance Office confirms your payment of the deposit or full tuition fee (i.e. non-degree Chinese language programme) to secure your place at XJTLU. Where possible, we will try to allocate you to your first choice, however, due to the limits of supply and demand, we may not be able to satisfy your first choice.

Accommodation options for international students

All international students are guaranteed accommodation throughout their study at XJTLU.

Wenhua Apartments 文华公寓

This brand new location is close to many well-developed facilities, for example, the SIP Olympic Stadium, and the Auchan hypermarket. The Wenhua Apartments provide students with single studio and shared rooms with kitchens.

Location: No.330 Songbei Road, Suzhou Industrial Park苏州工业园区淞北路330号
Telephone: +86 (0)512 6593 2799
Number of rooms: 644
Daily rent: Depending on the length of the tenancy contract and type of room, the current daily rent is between 52RMB and 78RMB.
Internet: Not included. Tenants have to purchase their own internet connection.
Reservation: Booking with XJTLU Global is required if students want to live in the Wenhua Apartments.


This is an information document to help you learn more about the new Wenhua Talent Apartments that are available for rent to all students. It will describe the rooms, the compound and the neighbouring areas.

The rooms

At the Wenhua Talent Apartments you can rent one of two types of room. The first room is a single studio apartment with a single bed, a study desk and a wardrobe. The second is the same size of room but with bunk beds that mean that two students can share the room. Each type of room has a small balcony where laundry can be dried and if you wish to purchase one, they have fittings for a washing machine.

The rooms do not have any cooking facilities and you will also have to organise your own internet access. The rooms are new and in excellent condition.

Current prices

The price varies as the room you choose or contract signed.

Room Type

contract 30-90 days

contract >90 days

Single bed room

around 62 – 78

around 48 - 56

The Wenhua Talent Apartments Compound

The apartments are situated about 8 kms from the XJTLU campus. It is approximately a 15 minute drive or a 30 minute bike ride. It is indicated in red on the map below.

The compound has very nice gardens, and is well-maintained. The public spaces offer basketball, table tennis, a hotel and a small Auchan delivery shop. Amenities for residents include laundries every five floors of each building and lounge areas.

The compound and public areas

The compound has security staff available 24 hours a day and each building uses facial recognition technology to allow access only to staff and tenants. You can have a guest stay with you but you need to make sure to register them at the reception.

Although the compound currently has limited restaurants and shopping options, the spaces for these have been identified and plans are underway to create these.

Near the Wenhua Talent Apartments

There are four places which will be easily accessed and enjoyed by those who live at the Wenhua Talent Apartments. The first is a neighbourhood centre, called Phoenix World, directly across the road from the compound, which offers supermarkets, banks, telecom shops, a hotel, and local restaurants for take-out or dine in.

Secondly, is the Auchan supermarket mall, which is between the compound and the university. This offers a fantastic supermarket and many other shops and restaurants, including Decathlon, KFC and Suzhou hotpot.

Next, the compound is near the Suzhou Olympic Village. This offers sporting events, shops and restaurants and a Japanese supermarket which stocks imported goods.

Finally, head north to get to the Aeon Mall. This offers a Japanese supermarket, the Japanese version of IKEA (Nitori) and fabulous sushi in Gatten Sushi. There also a host of other eating opportunities, fashion shops, ten-pin bowling and a cinema.

Apart from the neighbourhood centre, these destinations are best reached by a short bicycle ride or a cheap Didi cab journey.

Home from home

Cost of living

Suzhou boasts a reasonable cost of living. Accommodation expenses (excluding utilities and internet access) vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Access to the city

It’s easy to get a taxi or bus from our accommodation to other areas of Suzhou for socialising, cultural trips or shopping.