Earlier this month, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Academy of Pharmacy – officially set to launch mid-November – held a roundtable discussion about the future of the biomedical field and cultivating Suzhou as the 'Pharmacy Valley of China'.

The event took place at XJTLU International Business School Suzhou and was attended by the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee and more than 20 well-known biomedical enterprises from the Yangtze River Delta.

Attendees discussed the creation of an international innovation ecosystem for biomedicine, as well as possible challenges, solutions, innovations and partnerships to facilitate it.

"We hope that XJTLU works as a fulcrum to promote educational reform in the future," said Professor Youmin Xi (pictured below), Executive President of XJTLU. The institution’s ultimate goal is to become the flagship pharmacy academy in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Professor Hualiang Jiang (pictured below), academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Director of XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy said: "Unlike traditional pharmacy schools, XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy operates outside the system and aims to cultivate practical talents for the bordering enterprises. It is essential to combine teaching with enterprises’ needs, so that graduates can meet the demands of the market."

Xiaoming Lin (pictured below), Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee, and Head of the Organization Department, pointed out in his speech: "Suzhou Industrial Park is a good place to foster biomedicine. There are sufficient resources and government support.

"The future urban industry landscape of Pharmacy Valley of China cannot do without talented people. I look forward to the completion of XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy," Lin added.

Dr Yimin Ding (pictured below), Vice President of XJTLU, shared the strategic positioning of XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy with representatives of the industry: “The purpose of XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy is to explore a unique development model and works as a trigger for the overall development of the Pharmacy Valley of China," Ding said.

“We hope to create a unique practice of integration and innovation and a new model for higher education with seamless interaction between society, educational institutions and industry."

Professor Mu Wang (pictured below), Executive Director of XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy, introduced the structure of the Academy: "XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy will have three departments: Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Department of Pharmacy and Department of Bio-Pharmaceuticals. In five years, the number of students is projected to grow to about 2,000."

Yongzhong Wang (pictured below), CEO of CMAB Biopharma Inc said: "Knowing that the Pharmacy Academy is based on a good foundation with XJTLU, I have great confidence in it. From both the individual and corporate perspectives, we are willing to participate.”

At the end of the event, President Ding concluded: "With more involvement and mutual assistance with the industry, XJTLU Academy of Pharmacy will be able to build an international biomedical innovation ecosphere of sustainability, symbiosis, inclusiveness and coexistence in the future."

By Jingke Feng
Translated by Ke Tang
Edited by Bo Kou and Patricia Pieterse

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