Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics Joint PhD In-Semester Workshop Review

May 23, 2023

On May 17, the Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics department collaborated to hold a Joint PhD In-Semester Workshop. Over 30 faculty members attended the event to listen to four students' presentations and exchange ideas and information about their research directions. The workshop was organised by Dr Uwe Schauz from the Department of Pure Mathematics and Dr Xinyao Yang from the Department of Applied Mathematics, and Dr Uwe Schauz was the host.

The students’ wonderful performances are as follows:

Zixu Li: The dynamics of skew product map


Lingjie Xie: Cardiovascular health and fatigue monitor via deep-learning-assisted triboelectric pulse sensor

Shuying Hu: Page-level text recognition

Ziyan Zhang: Nonlinear stability analysis of stationary solutions for a special class of reaction-diffusion systems with respect to small perturbations.


Shuying Hu found the activity very worthwhile. "Although our research is not in the area of mathematics, we were very honoured to attend and give a presentation to communicate and exchange ideas with teachers from various departments. "

“Although I was unfamiliar with the students there”, Lingjie Xie continued, “I included the contact information of a few of them, and I'm looking forward to establishing academic exchanges with them.”


This joint workshop provides a venue for our PhD students to present their research findings and foster research collaboration among faculty members between the two departments.

“We are happy to witness the rich discussions between faculty members and graduate students from the two departments, and we anticipate more opportunities for future collaboration.” Dr Uwe Schauz remarked.

By Qinru Liu

May 23, 2023