The HeXie Management Research Centre is organising a series of brand activities. These include HeXie Management Forum, HeXie Management Industry Entrepreneur Programme (HeXie-IEP), HeXie Management Star Development Plan, HeXie Management Co-Creation Workshop [HeXie-CCW; including research workshops, HeXie Management Case Development Plan (HeXie-CDP), and Student Research Programme, etc.], Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (CIETE, a pilot programme for the Syntegrative Education, SE), HeXie Management Student Inspiring Lab (HeXie-SIL) and the Alliance for Innovation Ecosystem of HeXie Management and Industrial Internet (HeXie-AIE).

  • The HeXie Management Forum organised by the Centre, as well as the publishing of the HeXie Management Innovation Ecosystem Index, are aimed at providing established scholars and professionals with the opportunity to exchange ideas.
  • The HeXie Management Industry Entrepreneur Programme (HeXie-IEP) was launched in cooperation with several well-known enterprises.
  • The HeXie Management Star Development Plan is aiming for attracting more students join and learn HeXie Management Theory.
  • The Centre also announced the HeXie Management Co-creation Workshops (HeXie-CCW) for the idea exchange within the scholar community; The Centre is developing a HeXie Management Case Development Plan (HeXie-CDP) and planning to regularly collaborate with academic journals and well-known academic conferences; and is developing HeXie Management Research Centre Student Research Programme.
  • The Centre also supports the Syntegrative Education (SE) of XJTLU, and the HeXie Management Student Inspiring Lab (HeXie-SIL) is prepared to focus on guiding students’ growth, entrepreneurship, career development, and future employment.
  • HeXie academic eco-system and community will organise regular seminars, Dialogue, My story with HeXie Management, Reading Club, and competitions, etc.
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