HeXie Management Industry Entrepreneur Programme (HeXie-IEP)

Programme introduction

With the progress of the times and penetration of new technologies like Internet, digitalization, and AI, the human society, from a macroscopic view, is facing a significant paradigm shift; while regional economic societies, cities and rural areas, industries and enterprises are facing new challenges and rebuilding opportunities as viewed from medium and micro perspectives. Unprecedented issues are dogging no matter the east or the west, developed or underdeveloped areas, science/technology field or society/enterprise governance and management, which calls for innovative methods to tackle.

When focusing on the management field, we can easily see that network organisation, platform organisation, eco-oriented investment-strategy-leadership-organisation, etc. are getting more and more important, attracting practitioners and researchers to devote themselves to the studies. HeXie Management research is also committed itself to the research. With close interaction with enterprises and industries, the Centre builds a high-quality academic innovation ecology and is trying to give pioneering answers to issues regarding ecological management and governance under the condition of new technologies, committing to make contributions to the world management knowledge system and realising better practices for practitioners by offering them research-led consultation, coaching, and training.

Programme aims

1. To promote and utilize HeXie management theory. During the interaction with industrial practitioners, entrepreneurs, and government officers, we utilize the theory in real life to solve issues confronted by entrepreneurs or managers, especially new issues, and in return improve and develop the theory;

2. To nurture cross-disciplinary talents in the new era. We aim to train industrial elites and improve the theory in practice to create real influence and make contributions to the times and the society;

3. To contribute to XJTLU mission and vision.