Suzhou Key Laboratory of Broadband Wireless Access Technologies (BWAT) is one of the university-level laboratories approved by the Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau in 2008. The lab is based at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University to implement its international, research-led practices. BWAT seeks to break through the industrialisation bottleneck of innovative technologies, and carries out research on prospective theories, engineering applications, and interdisciplinary integration in wireless broadband communications and networks.

The research is oriented to many intelligent application scenarios in the field of sensors and communication. Our technological breakthroughs aim to contribute to Suzhou’s further growth into a smart city, and the rapid development of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).


BWAT focuses on the key technologies of broadband wireless access and transmission, and the optimisation of heterogeneous communication networks and sensor networks. We explore cutting-edge trends, bottleneck problems, and the key technologies in the communication industry. We also further the technology of broadband wireless communication and network system design.

The lab aims to promote independent intellectual property rights in broadband communication, cultivate postgraduate teams, build the prototype of communication and network mobile nodes, and improve the collaboration between academic research and industry.

Our research objectives and topics include:


  • broadband wireless access and heterogeneous networks
  • sensor network optimisation and network security
  • multi-robot communication, positioning and cooperation
  • multimedia communication and signal processing
  • wireless energy transmission
  • antenna, radio frequency (RF) and microwave engineering
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