Course Arrangement

Course Arrangement

Schedule (draft)

Shooting team Grouping

Before the class starts, the mentor team will select the shortlisted script. After the class starts, students will be grouped and photographed through free combination.

On the afternoon of the first day of class, the shortlisted screenwriters and directors will present on-site proposals. Based on personal interests, other students are free to choose scripts and self-recommend. Rest students will be randomly assigned to participate in the production of short films as staff members.

Teaching facilities and equipment

Equipment: Professional advertising and movie commonly used cameras such as Kinefinity Mavo, Blackmagic, Panasonic, first-line lighting Filmgear, Dedolight, Aputure, Dedolight, etc., German Panther professional electric Dolly and rocker arm.

Facilities: Film studio, TV studio, recording studio, action capture room, post production editing laboratory with 30 Mac desktops, 10 high-end post production editing rooms, sample viewing and color mixing studio, mixing studio, movie projection hall, etc.