Master Class of Film and Television Creation

Master Class of Film and Television Creation

The MEGA International Creative Media Festival as a gathering of emerging and diverse media in the post-film era, has been held three times so far. Its aim is to provide a platform for all young professionals in the film, media, and creative industries to showcase and exchange ideas, explore, encourage, and promote excellent art works, and provide more fresh blood and youthful energy for the future creative media industry. While actively participating in the MEGA Festival, many participants are eager for a professional, open, and efficient teaching platform to emerge.

In order to promote the connectivity of film and television majors in universities across the country and cultivate new creative forces for the Chinese film market, the School of Film and Television Arts (SoFTA) of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University will officially launch the Master Class in the summer of 2024, and recruit students for film and television production and media majors in universities across the country at the beginning of the year.

The master class will build a film and television classroom that combines challenges and fun. Starting from the stages of film and television screenwriting, photography, production, director, sound, editing, etc., it will provide hands-on guidance to college student creators, helping them take their film dreams one step closer.

The Master Class of Film and Television Creation will continue the teaching model of SoFTA’s “theory+practice”, and will be conducted in a diverse way of “master lectures+workshops+creative storms+collaborative filming”. In the 11 day course, in addition to thematic presentations, students will also collaborate in groups with the guidance and assistance of their mentor to complete a 3-5 minute short film.

The master class has strong qualifications, including award-winning director Youning Li, nominated screenwriter Bing Li, and senior teachers from School of Film and Television Arts. Those who complete the course will be awarded the graduation certificate provided by Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University.