Modern China presents a wealth of exciting opportunities for architecture students and researchers. Against the backdrop of the country’s fast-paced modernisation, the Department of Architecture engages with the challenges and contradictions of architecture in China in an open-minded and forward-thinking manner. Our students benefit from the experience of our international academic staff, who actively participate in and promote meaningful and innovative architectural responses to issues facing society in local, regional and international contexts.

As academics and architects we are involved in real debates that challenge common perceptions and evaluate traditions in order to propose sustainable futures. Our unique location in Suzhou allows in-depth explorations of the dynamics of the city’s urban life as well as its more intimate spaces, our design thinking recognised for its excellence is also applicable in broader contexts. Confronted with the city's past and engaged in its present, our students are guided to design for the expanding range of architectural practices.

Year out in practice

We urge students to take a year out in practice at the end of their final-year undergraduate degrees. If you’re an employer and would like to offer opportunities to our students, get in touch.

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