XJTLU Department of Architecture’s research strategy focuses on these areas:

  • Cultural Innovation and Critical Histories Lab
  • Building Performance Lab
  • Urban and Landscape Ecologies Lab
  • Virtual Experience Lab
  • Digital Design and Fabrication Lab
  • Design Research Centre

Interrelated and not exclusive, these areas of expertise cover a wide range of interests, encouraging and supporting the formation of open research platforms. Our research is linked to other departments and research institutes at XJTLU, as well as to other Chinese universities, fostering international collaboration as well as links to professionals outside traditional academia.

Research in the Department of Architecture is closely aligned with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University's Design Research Centre. The centre stimulates, facilitates and promotes high-quality cross-disciplinary design research at XJTLU and beyond. Many of the projects have been carried out in support of the Engineering department, Urban planning and Design as well as the School of Film and Television Arts.

A particular concern of XJTLU Architecture is to explore a new method of research unique to the architectural design discipline: research by design. This is an experimental form of applied research which embraces less conventional research outcomes such as prototypes, projects, buildings, components, and exhibitions. XJTLU Architecture and Design’s research work thus differentiates itself from work produced in the large design institutes of major Chinese state universities by developing small-scale experimental design activities which accommodate more flexible staff structures.

Academic research labs and centres:

As a catalyst for creative thinking and discourse in one of XJTLU's areas of strategic importance, the Design Research Centre acts as an exchange hub between XJTLU, the broader Suzhou Industrial Park community as well as academia and domestic and international industry. Design and design research constitute one of XJTLU's high-priority thematically oriented initiatives.

Cultural Innovation and Critical Histories Research Lab