XJTLU Architecture’s research strategy focuses on three areas:

Interrelated and not exclusive, these areas of expertise cover a wide range of interests, and encourage and support the formation of open research platforms. Our research is linked to other Departments and Research Institutes at XJTLU, as well as to other Chinese universities, and fosters international collaborations, as well as links to professionals outside traditional academia.

A particular concern of XJTLU Architecture is to explore the possibility of developing a form of research that is specific to the architectural discipline: Research by Design. This is an experimental form of applied research which embraces less conventional research outcomes including prototypes, projects, buildings, components, and exhibitions. XJTLU Architecture thus differentiates itself from research work produced in the large Design Institutes of major Chinese State Universities by developing small scale experimental design activities which accommodates a flexible staff structure.

Academic staff also contribute to XJTLU research institutes and groups including: