The facilities available to you are housed in one purpose built building on the South Campus of XJTLU. This is a one-stop shop for all your filmmaking needs.

The new facilities are based on good practice and modelled on international film schools. The building has a mix of creative, professional and public spaces to allow the synergy of the filmmaking students with students from other disciplines, industry practitioners and the local community.

The facility also has a creative zone where you can come together and propose projects to be carried out alongside your degree studies or as part of your work placement. This part of the facility will also be attractive to the local creative industries as they look for collaborative opportunities with you. The building also houses lecture and teaching facilities with theoretical and practical training taking place on the same site. It will facilitate every stage of a developing filmmaker’s journey from theory, idea development, planning, shooting, post-production and screening.

The building design has a wonderful visual presence within the campus and is becoming a focal point of Suzhou as it develops as a filmmaking location. The specific spaces range from medium and large shooting studios to offer indoor controllable locations and the space for green screen FX, model work and motion capture experimentation. There are individual edit suites and finishing suites to allow basic post production through to professional graded and dubbed output ready for cinematic display. The building also has specialized space for performers to allow rehearsal and teaching of actors as well as filmmakers. There are production meeting spaces to allow the development and management of content ideas as well as a 180 seat cinema for viewing of your work as well as the screening of both Chinese and international cinema classics to student audiences.

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