As an interdisciplinary learning support platform, Learning Institute for Future Excellence (LIFE) aims to support and enhance students’ transformation via programmes such as the Research-led Learning Competition, Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (IETE), digital literacy education, and entrepreneurship and sustainability education. These programmes and more lead students on their journey to become global citizens committed to innovative, integrated, and effective lifelong learning.

Under this vision, iLearn, an interactive and welcoming peer learning community, was established to support students’ learning. iLearn provides a variety of activities to connect and support students, including a research-led learning seminar series, sustainable development activities, and other interesting interative activities. As the bridge between LIFE and the student, iLearn aims to pass on the newest and most efficient learning methodologies to students, collect feedback from students to help educators understand students’ real needs, and create a fun and supportive environment. To support, serve and meet students’ development needs, iLearn strives to create fruitful experiences and help students enhance their self-awareness.

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