Interdisciplinary Social Innovation Course

Interdisciplinary Social Innovation Course

In today’s era, the social problems faced by human beings are both important and complex. It is not enough to rely on a single discipline or major. Instead, it is necessary to integrate the views of multiple disciplines and build a more comprehensive understanding.

In addition, with the rapid development of the economy and artificial intelligence technology in recent decades, how to solve and deal with existing or possible social problems more effectively still requires innovative ideas and new technical means.

In order to break down the barriers of communication and cooperation between disciplines; improve the research-led learning ability of XJTLUers to discover, analyse and solve complex practical problems; and cultivate students’ innovation ability and social responsibility, Learning Institute for Future Excellence (LIFE) launched an interdisciplinary social innovation learning programme, named Interdisciplinary Social Innovation Course.

The course starts with real-world examples, allowing students to discover and analyse real social problems, and use innovative thinking to solve problems through interdisciplinary teamwork and practice.

By participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • understand research-led learning methods and turn the gained knowledge into practical solutions for real social problems;
  • re-understand the progress of society from a broader perspective, based on sustainable development goals proposed by United Nations (UN);
  • gain learning experiences with peers from various disciplines through collaborative work across disciplines;
  • have the opportunity to exchange ideas with teachers and students from partner universities, thereby broadening the horizons; and
  • participate in the programme competition to gain more opportunities and resources about innovation practices and further achievement transformation.