Learning Institute for Future Excellence (LIFE) is dedicated to the promotion and development of lifelong learning at XJTLU and in the wider student community to respond to the opportunities and challenges of future society. To achieve this, LIFE first aims to transform students’ experience from exam-oriented learning to the learner-centred and research-led approach.

Through the transformation of the learning model, LIFE also aims to promote students’ awareness and skills as Global Citizens with capacities in digital literacy, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

LIFE provides a range of programmes covering students’ university journey from registration to becoming alumni, and includes degree years and careers. LIFE connects all contributions to lifelong learning in systematic ways, including International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) employability, XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) entrepreneurialism, the Extended Education System, English continuing support, modern languages, XIPU Institution initiatives on research-led teaching and teaching-led research, Centre for Student Affairs projects, and networks of all advisors to students.

In addition, LIFE works with the Centre for Knowledge and Information to widen participation and offer free or affordable lifelong online learning opportunities to Chinese communities, especially those in SIP and Suzhou.

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