Teaching assistant - SCT

Teaching assistant - SCT

Applications are invited for teaching assistant (TA) positions in the School of Cultural Technology at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). The TA positions are open for all qualified interested graduate students (Masters and PhD students) on campus of XJTLU or other graduates in Suzhou. All applications will be considered by the recruiting panel which consists of two or more academic staffs in the Department.

TA duties include:

XJTLU Master’s students, XJTLU PhD students, and postgraduate (Master’s and PhD) students from other universities

  • Laboratory demonstration and support for practical work in the classroom
  • Attendance on and support with field courses
  • Group tutoring
  • Scheduled office hours for one-to-one tutoring
  • Invigilation of formal examinations and/or class tests
  • Marking of formative assignments with appropriate training
  • Other appropriate activities as determined by academic units

At the discretion of relevant academic units, XJTLU PhD students may be permitted to undertake the following additional responsibilities with appropriate training and guidance:

  • Delivery of occasional formal lectures and/or seminars within their area of expertise after having received appropriate training and initial supervision from their supervisor or the respective Module Leader. Such training might be provided by individual academic units, or the Education Development Unit (EDU). Relevant health and safety issues should be covered in this training.
  • Assistance in marking of summative assessments with appropriate training and under the supervision of the module leader, subject to prior approval from the Head of the academic unit delivering the module. However, they must never act as the sole examiner on any summative assessment. All assessment tasks marked by XJTLU PhD students must be moderated, and they are not permitted to act as moderators.

Modules include:

CAT001TC Exploring Design Concept Generation (Location: SIP Campus)

Number of TA Needed:  5

Skills and Knowledge

  • Previous education or experience in a creative subject such as design, architecture, media, advertising, illustration, art, film etc.
  • Proficient spoken and written English
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentations skills, and skillful in Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

CAT105TC  Entertainment Technology  (Location: TC Campus)

Number of TA Needed:  2

  • The post holder will assist the module leader with partial preparation and delivery of the CAT105TC course. The CAT105TC course (Entertainment Technology) is a year-long course on the subject of Entertainment Technology. We are looking for a candidate with strong video production skills and/or strong software skills (ideally including 3D modelling or Game Engine). The successful candidate should have a background in a creative arts area such as digital arts, design, film, photography, architecture among others and a working knowledge of video production, sound recording and software, such as After Effects or Davinci Resolve.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Working knowledge of video production and/or sound recording and the ability to learn aspects of new software, visual compositing, 3D modeling etc for the purpose of supporting teaching and learning within short periods of time.
  • Knowledge of basic research skills in the Creative Arts, to be able to support students in their undergraduate individual research projects.
  • University level studies of at-least a BA level. The studies direction could be in the Creative Arts, or a different field, however interest and ability to complete the job description tasks should be justified through the candidate’s formal or informal experience.
  • Very good knowledge of speaking and listening English and Chinese or excellent knowledge of speaking and listening in English.
  • Potential for more occasional working hours on Mondays and Tuesdays according to the availability of the teaching assistant and the module leader.
  • Remark: The working schedule for this post is on Fridays with a potential for extensions on other days if needed and the teaching assistant is available.


  • Skillful in Design Software (Adobe After Effects,Premiere & Photoshop)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentations skills, and skillful in Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Be adaptable and open to change
  • Previous TA working experience preferred
  • The TA should have studied in a related field or have sufficient experience in the area. They are expected to hold a MA degree or higher or be currently studying towards one

The pay rate for Academic Year 2022-23

  • XJTLU PhD students: RMB 60/hour (before tax)
  • XJTLU Master’s students: RMB 50/hour (before tax)
  • PhD and Master’s students from other universities: RMB 50/hour (before tax)

How to apply

Applicants should submit their application to SCT@xjtlu.edu.cn by August 27th,2023. Applicants are required to provide their CVs and academic transcripts of previous studies. For XJTLU students, please apply for TA positions through the Teaching Assistant Management System(TAMS) https://ta.xjtlu.edu.cn directly. The interview is expected to be arranged around August 21 with decisions made within 2 weeks after the interview.