XJTLU Global Entrepreneur Dream-Chasers Competition

XJTLU Global Entrepreneurial Dream-Chasers Competition is targeted at the early stage of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially the formation and polishing of ideas. The main purpose of the competition is to stimulate college students to pay attention to social issues and business opportunities and guide students to polish their ideas. The contest does not require participants to provide product or even market input feedback, and the contest adheres to the concept that everyone can participate, giving all college students the opportunity to try to focus on society and polish their ideas.

The competition also has an educational purpose, hoping to become a vehicle that leads to explore new models of innovation and entrepreneurship education at home and abroad. The competition advocates a practice-oriented education that allows students to focus on the real society and polish their ideas based on it. Besides, it can also promote the transformation of innovation and entrepreneurship education from knowledge and theory-oriented education to innovation and entrepreneurship literacy-oriented education.

The competition is committed to creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship learning and education. It will create a platform for long-term communication among students who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, a platform for teachers engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship education to learn from each other, and a platform for interaction and cooperation between university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship activities and related industry organizations.

The competition focuses on internationalization and welcomes the participation of domestic and international students to promote the international exchange of innovation and entrepreneurship education.