Introduction to Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University X3 CoVenture

X3 CoVenture is a platform of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) for guiding and supporting students to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities and projects. X3 CoVenture adopts a three-stage methodology, namely, “Innovation Stimulation, Nursery Garden Cultivation, and Industrial Incubation”. It taps students’ potential in innovation and entrepreneurship, adds value to and empowers students’ startup projects by giving them a leg-up, in order to increase their probability of success, and for them to ultimately give back to society. In the stage of “Innovation Stimulation”, XJTLU organizes events like “Dream-Chasers” Global Entrepreneurial Competition, Innovation Salon, Industry Sharing Meeting and Student Entrepreneurship Associations, which spark students’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, foster their creativity and sharpen their innovative and entrepreneurial skills. In the stage of Nursery Garden Cultivation, the premature entrepreneurial projects that have not yet met the requirements of industrial incubation are nurtured via entrepreneurial mentoring and coaching, entrepreneurial resource empowerment, and competency centre support, in an effort to help their smooth transition to the next stage. In the “Industrial Incubation” stage, with in-depth cooperation with industry partners, we will jointly create an innovative incubation ecology centring on the “industry-university-research” interaction.


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