Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University X3 Co-Venture

XJTLU X<sup>3</sup> Co-Venture

X3 Co-Venture is a startup hub of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) aimed at guiding and supporting students in innovative, entrepreneurial projects and activities.

X3 Co-Venture adopts a three-stage methodology to help students in launching own business projects and startups, – “Innovation & experimentation, project Incubation, and finally acceleration, focusing on Industrial, market and investor connect”. It taps students’ potential in innovation and entrepreneurship, adds value to and empowers students’ startup projects by providing all necessary resources and support at every step of the journey, writing new success stories, and ultimately creating value for the society.

As a key component of XJTLU Syntegrative Education concept, X3 Co-Venture will be a contributor in innovation and entrepreneurship from the birth of an entrepreneurial project to its full growth by integrating international resources and networks to support students’ innovation journeys in all aspects.


Welcome to our vibrant and innovative Startup Hub X3 Co-Venture, a perfect place where creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirits converge. We are dedicated to providing a unique ecosystem of support services for students projects by fostering innovation, and empowering students-entrepreneurs to develop their unique business ideas that will redefine the marketplace. Here at our hub, we believe in integrating the power of diverse minds to fuel tomorrow’s ideas and shape a better future with technology. Join our X3 Co-Venture Startup Hub, and let your innovative journey begin!

Dr. Mikhail Zenchenkov

Director of the X3 Co-Venture Startup Hub

Five Features

1. Full Life Cycle: X3 Co-Venture focuses not only on the end point of the startup, but also on the whole process of the startup. We provide full lifecycle support from idea development, project nurturing, to incubation and growth of the startup. This ensures that entrepreneurs receive attentive assistance at every stage.

2. In-depth Empowerment: X3 Co-Venture is committed to building a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to the guidance of business mentors, we plan to introduce various types of entrepreneurial service providers, organize resource matching activities, as well as establish a pool of industry experts. This in-depth empowerment helps enterprises to move forward in the field of innovation.

3. Integration of Industrial Resources: Rooted in XJTLU’s concept of Syntegrative Education, X3 Co-Venture not only maintains close cooperation with many industrial organizations within the university, but also actively develops and builds in-depth partnerships with industrial parties to promote the organic integration of academy and industry.

4. Oriented by Research & Market: The educational philosophy of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) has injected the innovative gene into X3 Co-Venture, defining entrepreneurs as composite interdisciplinary talents with “technological capability + innovation and entrepreneurial ability”. This makes the entrepreneurs of X3 Co-Venture more capable of business research, and able to capture highly dynamic interaction between technology and market, and promote the development of two wheels.

5. School Resource Support: The partner of X3 Co-Venture will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich school resources of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Advanced laboratory equipment, flexible and diversified use of space for the team to create a more creative working environment; a huge database and rich library resources will help to understand the industry, develop a comprehensive business strategy; hundreds of school industry, academic experts will provide professional advice and cooperation opportunities for innovative projects; innovation and entrepreneurship support fund, and partner companies to share the entrepreneurial journey of risk and opportunity together to promote the success and growth of the project. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Fund will share the risks and opportunities of the entrepreneurial journey with the partner companies, and jointly promote the success and growth of the project.

Three Stages

Through continuous practice, X3 Co-Venture has gradually worked out a set of effective integrated investment and incubation system from innovation and entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial companies, to industrial incubation. Through the empowerment and support of capital, resources and capacity of entrepreneurial projects in all aspects of their life cycle, the success rate of incubation is enhanced.

  • In the “Dream Hub” phase, we will organize the XJTLU Global Entrepreneurial Dreamer-chaser Competition, innovation talks, industry sharing sessions and other activities to stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship potential of students. Through event sponsorship, industry sharing, and participation in entrepreneurship clubs, companies can establish connections with potential student teams to discuss cutting-edge issues in the industry and expand innovative thinking.
  • In the “Dream Foundry” stage, we encourage corporations to work with student teams to nurture early-stage entrepreneurial projects. As a transitional stage from business idea to startup project, X3 Co-Venture will promote the development of the project through the “3Cs” in-depth empowerment during this stage. Through the coaching of business mentors, the empowerment of entrepreneurial resources and the support of the competence center, companies can participate in the early incubation stage of their projects, provide professional guidance and resource support to students, and work together to promote the development of their projects.
  • In the stage of “Dream Park “, X3 Co-Venture cooperates with enterprises to build an innovation and acceleration ecosystem focusing on high-tech industries, including “industry, academia and research”. Enterprises will have the opportunity to cooperate with potential innovation and entrepreneurship teams to solve practical problems in the industry and jointly promote the transformation of innovative achievements into the market. At this stage, X3 Co-Venture provides comprehensive support for the enterprises and helps the projects to achieve commercial success.