Industry, business and community

Industry, business and community

The School of Advanced Technology has strong industrial links and many staff members with extensive industry experience. XJTLU is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, where a large cluster of Fortune 500 companies have branches or R&D centres.

Staff are always seeking to work with different industrial organisations in a variety of ways:

Local industry cooperation

Building on our institution’s well-renowned expertise as well as taking advantage of close geographic proximity to top companies, we look to form mutually beneficial relationships in training, research and development with businesses and industry leaders.

Specialist training

Using our specialised teaching and research methods, XJTLU can assist in creating bespoke designs for a variety of company training needs. We are developing postgraduate programmes tailored to the evolving needs of companies and particularly welcome local industrial business leaders to join these programmes.

Industry advice / External tutors

Our academic staff boast a wide portfolio of experience and expertise and can contribute to industry advisory committees at all levels of industry. We look to collaborate with industry experts who can, in turn, provide useful advice about and insight into current business practices to our students.

Student placements

Industry placements provide a great platform for students’ career development, allowing them to gain experience that puts their theoretical studies at XJTLU into practice. This provides strong opportunities for industry insiders to discover potential candidates and recruiting opportunities for their firms. We work with a number of companies to find matching placements for our students before they graduate.