Mission and Vision

The School’s mission centres on three pillars of excellence:

  • To educate the next generation of students who will contribute to the development of AI solutions at a global scale
  • To embrace local and international talent and continue to improve the diversity of our staff and student population and strive to increase our percentage of female students and academic staff as much as possible
  • To transmit excitement and enthusiasm to all our stakeholders and ensure that our graduates will continue to push the boundaries of AI innovation in a way that improves the way we live today while inspiring future generations.

Our vision is to bring together students, academics, researchers, and industrial partners in an interdisciplinary environment and strive to facilitate creativity, innovation, and support for visionary ideas through the building of impactful AI technology solutions to real-world problems.

Our aim to advance knowledge and provide entrepreneurial education in AI is underpinned by our work on the theory, architecture, systems, and AI applications that lead to economic prosperity at local, national, and international levels.

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