Staff Research Fields in the School of AI and Advanced Computing

Staff Research Domains Research Papers Research Projects
Project Title Project Category Funding Name Duration
Angelos Stefanidis
Computer Science curricula development

Social computing

Digital addiction and online gambling

AI for Digital Health
Di Zhang
Intelligent Network Control

Fault diagnosis

Traffic Prediction

IoT Data Mining

Business Intelligence

Content-aware Knowledge Tracing in Math/CS Courses XJTLU Teaching Development Fund(TDF) 2023/03-2026/01
Hengyan Liu
Signal processing

Super-resolution algorithms

Inverse problem

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL)

Machine learning

Towards Artificial General Intelligence: Infer and Apply Transferable Knowledge for Reunforcement Learning XJTLU Research Development Fund(RDF) 2023/07-2026/07
Hongbin Liu
Computer vision

spatio-temporal analysis

big data


reinforcement learning

MPL-GAN: Toward Realistic Meteorological Predictive Learning Using Conditional Gan. IEEE Access. 2020
Hongseng Gan
Medical Image Processing

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Huakang Li
Theoretical and academic aspects
1. Text knowledge extraction, including named entity recognition and relationship extraction
2. Knowledge Graph construction and reasoning, including graph network analysis and dynamic link discoveryIndustrial application
1. Extraction of enterprise name, amount, effective time, etc. in the contract
2. Extraction of professional title, number, address and mutual relationship in policy documents
3. Through the extracted knowledge graph, multiple rounds of question and answer of domain knowledge are realized. 1.Natural resource knowledge graph construction and collaboration technology 1.National grant 1.Key Laboratory of Urban Land Resources Monitoring and Simulation, Ministry of Land and Resources of China 1.2020/01-2021/07
2.Application of semantic technology in patent examination 2.National grant 2.State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) 2.2022/05-2022/12
3.Knowledge graph-based logistics Q&A technology research and industrialization 3.Provincial grant 3.“Six Talents Peak” High-level Talent Projects in Jiangsu Province 3.2020/01-2022/12
4.Semantic network-based patent content novelty analysis to implement the construction of knowledge graph and semantic network structure analysis of invention patent content 4.Municipal grant 4.Suzhou Science and Technology Development Plan (Key Industrial Technological Innovation) Project 4.2022/01-2024/12
5.Research on Text Semantic Mining for Patent Novelty 5.XJTLU 5.Research Development Fund (RDF) 5.2021/09-2023/12
Jianjia Wang
Statistical and structural pattern recognition  

Complex networks 

Information theory  

Thermodynamic and quantum statistics especially in graph and network analysis
Jingxin Liu
Pathological Image Analysis

Medical Image Analysis

Computer Vision Image Processing

Automated tumor proportion score analysis for PD-L1(22C3) expression in lung squamous cell carcinoma. Scientific reports. 2021 1.Research on Domain Generalization of Pathological Image Based on Self-supervised Learning 1.National Level 1.NSFC 1.2023/01-2025/12
2.Research on Key Techniques of Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Immunohistochemical Images 2.Provincial and ministerial level 2.Jiangsu Province Natural ScienceNatural Science Foundation 2.2022/07-2025/06
3.Research on Domain Generalization of Pathological Image Based on Self-supervised Learning 3.XJTLU 3.Research Development Fund(RDF) 3.2022/09-2025/08
Jionglong Su
Biomedical Image Analysis

Portfolio Management



1) Stepwise feature fusion: Local guides global
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2022: IEEE 25th International Conference, Singapore, September 18–22, 2022, Proceedings, Part III
2) Bilateral-ViT for Robust Fovea Localization
19th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Kolkata, India, 2022
3) Application of Deep Q-Network in Portfolio Management
2020 5th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Analytics (ICBDA), Xiamen, China, 2020
Construction of an intelligent information platform for precise cytological screening of cervical cancer KSF-A-22 Prefecture-level KSF 2020-2022
Jasmine Kah phooi Seng
AI & Intelligent Systems

Data Science & Machine Learning

Big Data and Data Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Edge AI and Computing

Multimodal Information Processing

Embedded Intelligence & Systems

Mobile Software Development 1.SMARTWINE – Smartphone-based Decision Support Tool for Large-Scale Vineyard Management 1.National grant 1.Australian Grape and Wine Administration 1.2018-2021
2.Diagnostic APP for Vine Nutritional Disorders 2.National grant 2.Australian Grape and Wine Administration 2.2018-2021
3.Multimodal Narrative Extraction 3.Municipal grant 3.AI for Data Mining (AI4DM) 3.2021-2022
José Leonardo Romero Hung
Complex Networks

Computational Intelligence

Graph Learning

Hardware Acceleration

Systems Implementation

Embedded Systems

High-Speed Processing





Flow Cytometry

Quantum Computing

Experimental Physics

Kang Dang
medicial image analysis

deep learning

Maruf Hasan
Natural Language Processing

Information Retrieval


Digital Library

Semantic Web Technologies

1.Cloud-Enabled Social Media Analytics and Crowdsourcing Framework for Crisis Management and National Security (Co-PI) 1.National grant 1.Research Development Office(RDO), Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1.2020-2023
2.Development of an AI-powered system for automatic detection and management of plant disease, nutrition deficiency, and pest control (Co-PI) 2.University grant 2.Research Development Office(RDO), Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2.2020/01-2020/12
3.Development of a Precision Agriculture Testbed using Low-cost IoT-based Data Collection, AI Machine Learning and Cloud-based Computing Framework 3.Municipal grant 3.Deanship of Scientific Research, King Faisal University (KFU) 3.2020-2021
4.Development of a Trustworthy Framework for the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in National Security and Social Good 4.XJTLU 4.Research Development Fund(RDF) 4.2022/09-2024/08
Computer vision

Medical Imaging

Interpretable Deep Learning

AI on Edge Devices/TinyML

Language Models/Proof Assistants

Qi Chen
Deep learning
Natural language processing
Social media data mining
Smart city applications
1. A Survey on an Emerging Area: Deep Learning for Smart City Data. IEEE Transaction on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence. 2019
2. Multi-modal generative adversarial networks for traffic event detection in smart cities. Expert Systems With Applications. 2021
3. Zero-shot Text Classification via Knowledge Graph Embedding for Social Media Data. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 2022
Knowledge-Enriched Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing XJTLU Research Development Fund(RDF) 2023/01-2024/12
Siqi Huang
Mobile edge computing

Mobile augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR)

System design and optimization for video streaming and analysis

Machine learning techniques for mobile and embedded devices (TinyML)

AI ethical related research topics

1. A Cloud Computing Based Deep Compression Framework for UHD Video Delivery. IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing. 2022
2. Budget-Aware Video Crowdsourcing at the Cloud-Enhanced Mobile Edge. IEEE Transaction on Network and Service Management. 2021
1.Study on Localization and Navigation for Moving Robots under ROS2 1.XJTLU 1.JITRI JOINT master Project
2.Research on tunnel risk identification algorithm based on deep learning 2.XJTLU 2.JITRI JOINT master Project
3.3D Reconstruction of Large-scale Indoor Scenes Based on Binocular Camera 3.XJTLU 3.JITRI JOINT master Project
4.AI-enabled Optimization for Short Video Streaming Applications 4.XJTLU 4.Research Development Fund(RDF) 4.2023/01-2025/12
Shanshan Zhao
Remote sensing imaging

Edge AI

AI design

Thilo Strauss
Image reconstruction with statistical methods

Machine learning

Industrial applications

Yuxuan Zhao
Deep Learning

Image and Video Processing

Computer Vision (Video Anomaly Detection)

Machine Learning Applications

Haptic Feedback in Virtual Reality

1. Improved two-stream model for human action recognition. EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing. 2020
2. A novel two-stream structure for video anomaly detection in smart city management. Springer Link. 2021
Computer Vision-Based Traffic Accident Detection XJTLU Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) 2023.06
Zhen Hua
computational intelligence

fuzzy logic

and their intersections with operations research
Zhengyong Jiang
Machine learning methods in portfolio management

Big data and deep learning for medical image classification

Applications in Distributed Computing Technology
Pengjing Xu
Active Learning

Deep Learning

Perceptual Learning

Computer Vision

Visual Psychometrics
Xianxu Hou
Generative adversarial networks  

Diffusion models  

and their applications in face image generation and manipulation
Xihan Bian

Imitation Learning

reinforcement learning


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