We currently offer PhDs in the area of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Our current PhD students and their research areas include:

Name Research Topic
1 Fengchen Gu Portfolio Management and AI
2 Jinfeng Wang Utilising AI for medical image-based risk assessment and auxiliary diagnosis
3 Jingxuan Liu AI, specifically natural language processing, text mining, and multi-label classification
4 Jingxian Zhou Exome-based RNA epitranscriptomic sequencing data analysis
5 Xiaotian Ren Portfolio management and artificial intelligence
6 Yining Wang Utilising stochastic model-free reinforcement learning for financial portfolio management
7 Yuzheng Feng AI technology and Computer vision
8 Zhenrong Zhang Abnormal detection based on computer vision
9 Haoyan Gong AI, self-supervised learning, video/image processing
10 Yibo He Multi-analog audiovisual speech recognition
11 Ning Xing Machine Learning, Time Series, Statistical Inference and Actuarial Science The current project research direction is combining Machine Learning, Time Series to address Actuarial Science problems
12 Zhilu Zhang Portfolio Management with Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Market Sentiment
13 Yuanxin Su Framework for AI-Empowered Multimedia Analytic with Embedded AI and Multimodal Data Fusion for AI Internet of Things
14 Jieli Chen  AI-Empowered Situation Awareness Geo Map Project for Identifying Potential Threats and Dangerous Situations 
15 Zhepeng Li  A New Multi-Agents Reinforcement Learning based Portfolio Management System 
16 Tong Chen  Extracting Events and their Relations from Natural Language Texts 
17 Yiyi Miao  Detection, Localization and Classification of B-Lines in Lung Ultrasound for Differentiation of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Exdate
18 Bolin Ren  Self-Supervised Learning in a Spatial-temporal Attention Based CAD Pre-screening on Carotid Ultrasound Sequences 
19 Yangu Zhou  Deep learning based multi-modal multi-party emotion recognition in conversation 
20 Zixuan Chu  Artificial intelligence & deep learning & computer vision 
21 Hanyue Xu  Graph Learning for Artificial Intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT) in Smart Cities 
22 Huijia Wang  Portfolio Management based on Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning 
23 Huajun Yuan  Leveraging AI and Edge Computing for Real-Time High-Definition Map Generation 
24 Biwen Meng Research of Domain Adaptive Computer-Aided Quantitative Analysis for Digital Pathological Images  
25 Ziyu Ye Research of Online Cyberbullying Detection Based on Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning
26 Jianfeng Wang Data-Efficient Machine Learning Algorithms, Self-Supervised Learning, Few-Shot Learning

We also collaborate with the XJTLU-JITRI Academy of Industrial Technology in the supervision of PhD students.

Opportunities are available for candidates to undertake an Enterprise Entrusted PhD project founded by our industry partners.

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