Academic Research

Academic Research

Research in the School of Cultural Technology, led by Dr. Garrett Lynch IRL as the Director of Education, Research and Development (ERDI) and the Postgraduate Research Director, ranges from artistic practice to music composition, design, cultural studies and heritage. Academic researchers contribute regularly to international level exhibitions, festivals, publications, academic journals and conferences. The school principally foregrounds practice as research (PaR) as part of its research agenda and welcomes doctorate candidates seeking to pursue studies within this context.

Two broad research clusters have been established in the school to incorporate academics, promote research initiatives and establish cross-disciplinary collaboration. These are the Experimental and Innovative Art Practices research cluster and the Society, Culture and Heritage research cluster.

Experimental and Innovative Art Practices

The Experimental and Innovative Art Practices (EIAP) research cluster at the School of Cultural Technology (SCT) delves into the heart of artistic innovation, not only through technological advancements but also by embracing groundbreaking concepts and provocative ideas. This cluster is committed to challenging traditional artistic paradigms by fostering an environment where unconventional thoughts are not just welcomed but celebrated. The cluster gathers artists, practitioners and academics in SCT, encouraging them to engage in a dynamic dialogue that transcends conventional mediums.

Driving themes encompass human-machine interaction, experience design, live performance, multimedia installations, gamified experiences, decolonization with the will to transcend current media and status-quo. Trans- and post-mediality are recurring themes, with the common convincement that traditional disciplines (divided according to the different human senses involved) are progressively merging into new, holistic ones. Through collaborative projects, symposia, exhibitions and insightful discussions, the cluster nurtures a vibrant community dedicated to pushing the limits of artistic expression.

Research cluster coordinator: Dr. Giovanni Santini

Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Zhonghao Chen: visual artist, curator
  • Fai Cheung: artistic director, curator, producer
  • Dr. Garrett Lynch IRL: networked artist, curator, theorist
  • Andrew O’Dowd: artist, art technologist, designer
  • Dr. Isadora Petrauskas: installation artist
  • Dr. Giovanni Santini: XR artist, musician, developer
  • Dr. Konstantinos Vasilakos: multimedia artist, sound designer
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Vasquez: musician, sound designer, game developer
  • Dr. Luciano Zubillaga: experimental filmmaker


Society, Culture and Heritage

Our team of dedicated researchers is committed to exploring the intersection of Arts, Technology and Humanities. Our focus lies in delving into the plethora of ways in which the Arts and Technology contribute to collective consciousness and interaction within groups of people (Society), how, as a reflection of societal needs and challenges, they manifest themselves through artistic expression (Culture), as well as on the digital documentation, preservation and future re-imagining of these cultural activities throughout history (Heritage).

Keywords: Digital Heritage, Future Heritage, Participatory art, filmmaking and animation, community arts, arts and society, ethnicity, nationality and gender in the arts and film

Research cluster coordinator: Dr. Myria Christophini

Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Myria Christophini: experimental animator, visual artist, researcher
  • Dr. Alvaro Collar: video artist, film studies researcher
  • Kim Lau: audio-visual designer, multimedia ethnographer
  • Dr. Sijia Aileen Meng: film studies researcher
  • Dr. Isadora Petrauskas: installation artist