Corpus Linguistics Research Group

Corpus Linguistics Research Group

The Corpus Linguistics Research Group brings together scholars interested in the computer-aided analysis of large digital collections of text (corpora) across multiple disciplines and areas of study, such as linguistics, language learning and teaching, natural language processing, politics, literature, business and law.

  • Members of the group have experience working on a wide range of corpus-based and corpus-driven research.
  • Research draws on data from large ready-made corpus collections as well as custom-made specialist corpora.
  • The Department of Applied Linguistics at XJTLU is home to The Prime Machine. Dr Stephen Jeaco, developer of this tool, runs workshops and continues to develop new software functionality.

Group members

We have organised some relevant research seminars given by both internal and external speakers in the field. Previous seminars we have organised include:

Speaker Title
Professor Elena Semino (Lancaster University) Applying Corpus Linguistics to health(care) communication
Dr Dimitris Kitis (XJTLU) What does ‘gentrification’ means? Collocates, metonymies and metaphors of a class-war discourse in English
Professor Jonathan Culpeper
(Lancaster University)
Linguistic impoliteness: A brief survey
Professor Christopher Hart
(Lancaster University)
Multimodal discourses of Immigration: Language, Image, Gesture

We have also organised many talks in a wide variety of linguistics areas, such as:

Speaker Title
Dr Lihe Huang
(Tongji University)
What can we do to affect ageing as language educators: the role of bilingualism in later life
Dr Yi Zhang & Luoxiangyu Zhang (XJTLU) “Do not approach men. You will be miserable” – Misandry memes in Chinese microblogging
Dr Hong Liu (XJTLU) & Dr Chaouch-Orozco (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Psycholinguistics series talk 1:
Using language switching paradigm to investigate bilingual language control
Dr Luchang Wang (XJTLU) Psycholinguistics series talk 2:
Using psychological behavioural experiments to investigate infant language acquisition
Dr Dawei Wei (XJTLU) Psycholinguistics series talk 3:
Your brain knows better than you do: Reading in the brain
Professor Danijela Trenkic
(York University)
Pursuing university education in a foreign language: How difficult could it be?
Dr Rining Wei (XJTLU) The Spread of English in China: Evidence from big-data surveys

For more information about our Corpus Linguistic research group and department research seminars, please contact Dr Tanjun Liu (